Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 50

Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 50

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season 4, Episode 50
Ep 50
Air date February 24, 2011
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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"A Huge Payne"

"You Can't Read My Poker Face!" is the 50th episode of the fourth season of Stupid Mario Brothers and the 50th episode overall.


A Poker Game, An Aging Man, And Apples!


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Mario is met by Solid Snake, who is demanding to get his money, stating that the aging process has begun and he is already going blind in one eye. Mario promises to get the money and Snake leaves. Then Mario goes up to Luigi, who was hiding in fear and suggests attending a Poker Tournament where the money won could be given to Snake. Then Wario comes in and suggests he and Luigi attend the tournament. Mario agrees to this and Luigi and Wario leave.

Meanwhile, Ness and Yoshi are hanging out. Ness tries out Yoshi's suggestion of eating apples to unleash his powers since it works for him.

Eventually, Luigi and Wario arrive at the Tournament and start going through several rounds repeatedly. Although Wario performs badly, he eventually wins the money worth $10,000 because of a royal flush and the fact that he and two of the players bet all of their chips. However, one of the players accuses him of cheating and then he and another player get into a fight, in which they end up killing each other.

Ness tries out eating an apple, but it doesn't work. He accepts himself as a normal child and proceeds to watch SpongeBob SquarePants.

Later, Luigi and Wario are in their car and give Mario a call, telling him they have the money. Then Mario calls Snake tells him to come in 10 minutes. However, Luigi and Wario are pulled over by Max Payne, who takes their money as it turns out to be illegal. They quickly call Mario and tell him about the situation, which makes him freak out as Snake would be there any moment. Eventually, Snake arrives and, upon finding out that Mario doesn't have the money, promptly punches him in the face in anger.





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  • Luigi claims that he is great at poker. However, he folds every round.


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