Stupid Mario Brothers
Season YouTube News, Episode YouTube News
Mario and Wario Campaign
Air date October 9–October 18, 2009
Written by Rich Alvarez
Chris Muller
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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A series of non-canon videos as Mario and Wario try to run for president of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Synopsis (Timeline of Campaign)Edit


Mario's campaign logo

October 9: Mario announces that he is running for president of the Mushroom Kingdom on the pilot episode of YouTube News. Luigi is his running mate.


Wario's campaign logo

October 11: Angry that Mario is running for president, Wario decides to run against him in jealousy. His running mate is Venom from Spider-Man.

October 12: Mario and Wario face off in the Mushroom Kingdom and debate on YouTube News, which devolves into a massive argument between them.


Mario and Wario facing off in the debate

October 14: Mario launches an Anti-Wario Political Ad, with Waluigi revealing "secret" information about him.

October 15: Wario launches a counter ad, with Luigi talking about Mario.

October 18: Election Night begins in the Mushroom Kingdom. Both sides tie at the popular vote and the electoral college elects Ash Ketchum as president. Mario and Wario are angered by the outcome, and Chris Muller becomes confused, seeing as how Ash wasn't running for president in the first place.



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Series ContinuityEdit

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  • These videos were a crossover with YouTube News.
  • The videos were a parody of the 2008 Presidential Campaign.
  • The Election Night Video was a parody of a scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian.
  • The Political Ads were inspired by MADtv.
  • The Anti-Mario ad was taken down by YouTube, but the Anti-Wario ad is still up. There are currently no plans to re-upload the Anti-Mario ad.
  • Koopa the Quick from Super Mario 64 is mentioned by Mario, who accused Wario of accepting bribes from him during the debate.
  • The "large marble table" where the debates take place is later used as Merlin's table.


  • As the Mushroom Kingdom is monarchy, Princess Peach acts as head of state. As such, Mario and Wario would be running for Prime Minister, the head of government.

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