The Dark Forest
Located: Real World
Residents: Mario
First Appearance: Basketball Diaries

The woods is the endless maze of trees that Link gets lost in during his Lon Lon Milk-endued dream. It is only about a quarter mile wide. As Link learns from Ash, the woods are actually a real part of Mario's property and realizes that his time in the woods has actually been a dream.

Afterwards, Link returns to the woods with Steven Bauer to find the Artifact. As this journey goes on, Link kills Steven because he found out about his plan to kill him. Later, Link finds a bridge, where he pulls out the Artifact. He then decides it would be best if he bonded it with his soul, something that Coconut does by performing a spell. Soon after, the Darkness shows up and challenges Link to a battle. Because he is very weak, Link is easily defeated and killed by the Darkness. Later, Link gives the Artifact to Mario in the Afterlife, reviving him and helping him defeat Ganon.

In Operation: Blind Storm, Wario is walking through the woods, and hears something moving in the bushes. Merlin then appears behind him and tells him he has something very important to tell him, because this is the last time he will see him.



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