Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 58

Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 58

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season 4, Episode 58
Episode 58
Air date April 22, 2011
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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The Truth About Blaire Vherestorm!
Plumbers and Ninjas and Snakes OH MY!
What Would Waluigi Do If He was Awake?


Mario, Luigi and Wario are looking at Waluigi wondering what they would od if he was conscious. Wario and Mario then decide to draw on his face.

Ryu is met by Zubashi outside but still doesn't recognise him from before. Zubashi (on instruction from his unknown employer) warns him that is he and his friends don't stop their heroism they will all pay the price. Ryu ignores this questioning who Zubashi works for as well as if he knows who Tamari is. Zubashi thinks he's from Naruto but Ryu says he's not and leaves.

Snake and Ness discuss what to about the beacon still wondering what it could be about. Ness suggests that the Darkness made them think their powers were gone but Snake believes that's not it. Ness than calculates the reason for how they lost their powers due to Blaire blocking his powers but it is interrupted by an ad for the movie Future Man. After the ad Snake points out Ness said nothing during it.

Wario then farts on Waluigi for fun.

Ryu meets the team telling them that they will celebrate once they have defeated the enemy. Donkey Kong then oulls out a water gun and squirts Wario wetting his clothes. Ryu tells him to change but Wario says he has no more clothes. He then leaves and meets Mona who gives him new gloves this gives Wario an idea for a new costume.

Brock and Gary are still at Professor Oak's having taken down the Acuza Drug Ring with more injuries. The Professor gives them one last task to find a purple vase which they accept before falling down tired.


Wario's new costume

The team are at The Battlefield were they are confronted by Zubashi and four ninjas. Ryu finds this as unexpected having forgot Zubashi's warning. Snake gets tired of this and leaves to fight Liquid while Ryu leaves confront Ken. Mario goes to fight Blaire leaving the team (Luigi, Ness, DK and Yoshi) outnumbered however Wario arrives in his new costume (resembling his appearance in Warioware) ready to fight. However they decide to leave the episode as a cliffhanger.




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