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Venom youtube news
Also Known As: Edward Brock
Gender: None
Series: Spider-Man

Stupid Mario Brothers

Home World: New York City
Allies: Wario
Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Ash Ketchum
Debut: Youtube News - Mario and Wario for President
Conclusion: Youtube News - Mario and Wario for President
Status: Alive
Pages: Spider-Man Wiki
Dane: "Do you have a vice president?"

Wario: "OF COURSE! Venom get over here!"

- Wario being interveiwed by Dane

Venom is a primary villain in the Marvel comics series Spider-Man, however, he made one cameo appearance in Youtube News as Wario's  Vice President for his campaign. 

Background Edit

Edward 'Eddie' Brock is a photographer for the Daily Bugle newspaper, after losing his wife and apartment he concidered suicide. However the alien Symbiote Venom attached it's self to Brock, by this time venom had already been on Peter Parker long enough to copy Spider-Man's super abilites. It appears that Wario had approached Venom and asked him to join his campaign, possibly offering a reward, and Venom agreed.

Youtube News Edit

In the episode of Youtube News called YouTube News Special - The Mushroom Kingdom Election (Wario Interview) Wario was interveiwed by Dane , when asked if he had a Vice President, Wario replied "OF COURSE" and called Venom over. Venom never spoke, but instead shouted and growled.

Personality Edit

Venom is a very untamed creature, though he does show indications that he is quite intelligent. For example, he responds to Wario when he calls for him and puts his arm around him in support of his campaign.

Abilities Edit

Venom is able to shape-shift into other forms, including spikes and bigger sizes. He also shows signs of telepathic abilities.The Venom Symbiote considerably enhances the strength of whoever has bonded with it, dependent on the bond of the relationship it has with its wearer. This allows its wearer to move at superhuman speeds and lift substantial amounts of weight, in addition to granting its host increased dexterity and agility. Retaining its memory from the time it was bonded with Spider-man, Venom is also capable of producing a limitless supply of webbing similar to Spider-man's own variety.

Trivia Edit

  • Nobody knows who played Venom as it was never revealed, however many beleive it was either Chris Muller or Julian Petruzzelli.
  • Venom's appearance was very short lived, he appeared for a total of eleven seconds.
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