Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Mario
Enemies: Ganondorf
Wario (formerly)
Waluigi (formerly)
Debut: Act I Part 1
Conclusion: Season Five
Status: Deceased
Portrayer: Austin Stevenson
"DK says: Ganon might have killed the mail guy."
Ryu talking to Mario and Luigi about USPS

USPS is the government owned package deliveryman in Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie'.



USPS appears to be the man who delivers Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi mails in the mailbox.

The MovieEdit

"I've been expecting you."Edit

USPS appears on a television screen in front of UPS and FedEx. USPS brags about how he can do so much more than their corporations. Using his teleportation device, USPS takes the package from UPS. USPS announces to UPS and FedEx that he will deliver the package. Then he disappears.

"You guys suck."Edit

When UPS and FedEx arrive at USPS' house, USPS brags about how they will not break into his house because, it is protected in many ways. Once he realizes that UPS and FedEx are standing right behind him, USPS asks how they got in his room UPS says he left his door unlocked. While USPS says they'll never take the package from him UPS reveals they already took it from him while he wasn't looking. USPS realizes he can just teleport the package back to him, but UPS claims he did some rewiring on his way in and USPS' power shuts off. USPS tells the duo that they suck. They then leave his house, telling USPS to never bother them again.

Since then, USPS has presumably left UPS and FedEx alone for good.

Season FiveEdit

USPS never officially appears, but he is mentioned. After Mario and Luigi tell Donkey Kong to see if they have mail, he goes to the mailbox. When Donkey gets the mail, it appears that Mario and Luigi haven't been getting mail for months now. Donkey Kong drops all the mail and sees a surprise. He leaves all the mail on the ground and leaves.

Back at the Mushroom Force's Base, Ryu says that Donkey Kong says there was no mail and Ganon might have killed the mailman. Mario and Luigi wonder if the USPS has been sending any mail (32 bit stealth training).


USPS is quite egotistical, thinking that he is better than any other delivery service.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Due to his high-paying, government job, USPS can afford teleportation and TV Broadcast technology.



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Solid SnakeEdit

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