Leader: The Darkness†‡±
Members: Blaire Vherestorm†‡
Liquid Snake†‡
Status: Disbanded
Liquid Snake: "I don't understand you, Blaire. Why didn't we just kill them? Now they all have their powers back."
Blaire Vherestorm: "Of course they do, you moron. It's all a part of the plan."
— Blaire trying to convince Liquid that he has a plan

The Trifecta was a trio of villains, recruited by Blaire Vherestorm for the purpose of pushing Mario and his allies to regain their powers. They were primarily after Mario, Luigi, Wario, Solid Snake, Ness, and Ryu. Merlin had told Wario to beware the Trifecta before he vanished, which means they formed sometime before the events of Operation: Blind Storm, likely between the events of :Act II Part 5" and "Act II Part 6" of the film.


"You see, I needed you to get your powers back, so I told Blaire where he could find Liquid and Ken, and thus, the Trifecta was created. I knew that if you and your friends were threatened by a group of bad guys, that you would have no choice but to get your powers back. I was actually very lucky that Merlin gave Wario those hints."
—The Darkness elaborating on the purpose of the Trifecta

Before battling Wario for the last time, the Darkness ordered Blaire to find Ken and Liquid so he could create the Trifecta. He helped the Darkness build the Beacon, which was actually a 'power transfer convulsion system' that would absorb the powers of all within the immediate vicinity and transfer them to the Darkness. After Mario and his best friends lost their powers in Operation: Blind Storm, the Darkness learned that the universe demanded the equalibrium of Mario and his friends regaining their powers in order for him to regain his physical form. He subsequently had Blaire form the Trifecta, knowing that the threat of a villainous group would give them the incentive to get their powers back.

Blaire was supposed to cease all Trifecta activity the moment Mario and the gang got their powers back, but his desire to prove his superiority over Mario (and to a further extent, The Darkness) drove him to battle them instead. This resulted in his death at the hands of the Darkness for his disobedience. Liquid was killed in his fight with Snake while Ken was defeated in his fight with Ryu. Ryu let him go, not revealing that he himself was also at his limit.

With Blaire and Liquid's deaths, the Trifecta was consequently disbanded.


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