Tommy Fungus and the Dungeons
Leader: Wario
Members: Waluigi
FedEx (formerly)
Status: Disbanded (members quit)

Tommy Fungus and the Dungeons was a band, formed by Wario and Waluigi after they were kicked out of Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms by Scott Masterson in "Who is Scott Masterson?".

In the episode, Wario and Waluigi hoped to become more popular than Johnny Mushroom as revenge for being kicked out. Unfortunately, only Waluigi's girlfriend Walgina showed up for auditions, and they were forced to accept her in the band despite her poor singing skills and Wario's overall dislike for her. After FedEx arrived with their instruments, they quickly convinced him to join the band as well.

However, during the band's first rehearsal, Wario quickly realized that the band was terrible and then decided to dispand it. Tommy Fungus then decided to try and ruin the Johnny Mushroom concert by stealing their instruments, but this attempt was in vain after the group sang acapella and the concert was a huge success.