The Clicking Noise is an independent film, directed by Rich Alvarez as his directorial debut and produced by RMA Productions. It was released on July 21, 2013.


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According to Rich Alvarez, The Clicking Noise was made of an idea and written by Austin Stevenson that was a sci-fi thriller while Alvarez had another film in mind. While fundraising, he said that it was for both films to be filmed back to back. However, they only had enough to shoot one film, so they picked Stevenson's. They also said the film will make Season Five of Stupid Mario Brothers be pushed back because of it.


Principal photography on the film began in July 2011 and concluded in August 2011.

FAQ (from the second trailer)Edit

Q: Will I be able to watch this for free? A: Yes! It will be uploaded to YouTube (on this channel) sometime in June.

Q: Why did it take so long to edit the film? A: This is our first feature length independent film. We learned a lot. Especially that it takes much longer to make a film than you'd originally think. 

Q: I thought you guys were going to submit this to film festivals? A: We still may. We wanted to get it online for you all to see first since you've been waiting so patiently.

Q: I donated to the film, when will I be getting my stuff? A: Around the time the film goes live on YouTube, so June, maybe July at the altest. 

Q: Will the movie be available for purchase on DVD or Blu-ray? A: Yes. We're not sure when though.

Q: What if I donated, but my address changed? A: Send us a private message via YouTube and we'll work it out.

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