Ganon Attack


Mario, Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Merlin, Nox Decious, Morgana, Darkness, Mr. L, Blaire Vherestorm, Ganondorf

First Appearance

"Stupid Smash Brothers"

Telekinesis is the ability to perform manual functions on distant targets without making physical contact with said target, such as mentally seizing or lifting an object, creating telekinetic impulses used to knock things over,or telekinetically choking them from afar. This ability is exhibited by several characters in the series.


  • Merlin and Morgana used telekinesis in their battle in which Merlin seemingly died. However, they referred to it as "magic."
  • Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, the Darkness, Nox Decious, and Mr. L have used this ability to grab their beam swords from afar in battle.
  • Nox Decious is able to telekinetically choke Mario in their first battle.
  • Wario uses this ability to shove the Darkness-possessed Mario and to knock over and temporarily incapacitate Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi.
  • Merlin's ability to turn off the Nether Saber without holding it likely makes use of powerful telekinesis.
  • In several battle, including Fire Mario vs. Mr. L, punches have caused the users to fly backwards, possibly due to a telekinetic impulse sent by one of the combatants.
  • Episode 59

    The Darkness stopping Blaire's punch, using telekinesis

    When Blaire tries to attack the Darkness, the latter uses telekinesis to stop his punch.
  • The Darkness' ability to freeze the Legion members in place may have been a trick done using telekinesis.
  • Ganon is able to overpower the Darkness in their first battle by telekinetically throwing him to the ground.
  • As touching a fireball would likely cause it to explode, it is possible that those who can deflect or dissipate them do it using telekinesis, such as Decious, Ganon, and Blaire.
  • Ganon used telekinesis to choke Merlin to death.


Wario VS Mario

Wario shoving Mario, using telekinesis

  • Like beam swords, telekinesis was likely an element drawn from the Star Wars franchise.
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