Taco Lax
Located: Real World
Residents: Wario

Taco Lax is a fictional restaurant where Wario and Waluigi like to eat.


Stupid Mario BrothersEdit

Season OneEdit

In the Episode "Stupid Wario Brothers and No Snacks", Waluigi suggests Taco Lax to Wario when they are trying to figure out what to do for snacks.

Season Three Edit

In the Episode "Bloody Confrontations" Wario and Waluigi had just finished eating at Taco Lax during the flashback before the battle. During the flashback, Waluigi mentions that the food gives him bad gas.

Season FourEdit

In the Episode "The Trifecta!", Wario is pretending that his hand is Waluigi, and suggests going Northeast to Taco Lax. Then Mona shows up and Wario takes her to Taco Lax for a date. Afterwards Wario apologizes to Mona saying that Taco Lax does "terrible things to your digestive system".

Stupid Mario WorldEdit

Season OneEdit

In episode 9, Luigi revealed that Taco Lax shut down last year. Wario is upset by the news until Mario pointed out that there's one burrito left in the fridge, and for unknown reasons, he never threw it out. Despite the protests from the others about eating the rotten burrito, Wario enlisted the aid from Squall, in order to freshen up the burrito before eating it. In episode 11, Wario is said to have found the only Taco Lax in existence, and it is only 5 miles away from them.


The food at Taco Lax is said to do horrible things to the digestive system.

In Season Four, Wario takes Mona to Taco Lax, who then points out the irony of its naming.


  • Taco Lax is a parody of Taco Bell, based off its name.
  • The name of Taco Lax and the fact that Wario says it does horrible things to the digestive system seem to imply that their food contains laxatives which not only help the body perform defecation by controlling bowel movements, but are also said to hurt depending on the kind of laxative.
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