The "Stupid Voice" is a gravelly, raspy voice that one of the actors uses when just trying to be funny during outtakes or bloopers.

As of now, Rich Alvarez, Chris Muller, Matt Provencal, Doug Orofino, Julian Petruzzelli, Austin Stevenson, and Erin Henderson have used their stupid voice. Dane Cook used the stupid voice only once, in a video that was made as a tribute to Provencal. The word "blooper" is usually said in the stupid voice when one is made during filming.


  • The voice has its origins in a line used by the character Robin from the King Arthur series. When Robin was slain by the hands of Morgana, his last words to his comrades were "Bye, my liege!", spoken in the same "Stupid Voice" used in future bloopers. Richie and Matt seem to do it the most since Richie uses it for the subscribe voice. Chris fell in as the Subscribe voice after Richie had spent an entire night editing Episode 44. At the end, a tired Richie replies: "And this was Chris Muller's best attempt at doing the Subscribe voice".
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