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  • There will be no episode category, all episodes go under the category of their respective season.
  • The Category named Stupid Mario Brothers is not to be used on episode, location, character, actor or object pages. The category named Heros is not to be used either.
  • Season 5 is now out!
  • Most of the previously locked pages on the wiki are now unlocked. Feel free to add any content onto them within reason.
  • The wiki has been updated with several new features:
    • Wikia Edit Page Redesign
    • New Stupid Mario Brothers Wiki logo (May change over time)
    • Wiki Achievements
    • New Background (Under development)
  • The wiki's new homepage has been redesigned. All feedback is appreciated.
  • The category for Article Stubs is not to be misused unless a page truly deserves the category. A short page full of info that would be hard to expand because of it's lack of relevance or appearances in the show is NOT a stub.
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