Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie
The Movie Poster 01 Theatrical release poster
Genre Comedy / Drama / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Family
Created by Rich Alvarez
Chris Muller
Starring Rich Alvarez

Chris Muller

Matt Provencal

Doug Orofino

Jennifer Cole

Josh Kling

Tim Chang

Dane Cook

Kent Melville

Tim Muller

Julian Petruzzelli

Brandon Dire

Austin Stevenson

Dustin Kumar

Kevin Chamberlain

Christine Alvarez

Jackie Thompson

Daen Olson

Torye Benton

Ed Gyles, Jr.

Country of Origin United States
Running time 2½ hours
Broadcast YouTube
Release Date August 27, 2009
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Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie, shortened as Stupid Mario Bros.: The Movie or simply abbreviated as SMB: The Movie, is an American live-action comedy action-adventure film, based on Stupid Mario Brothers, directed by Rich Alvarez and Chris Muller, produced by Alvarez and Muller, and written by Alvarez and Muller. The film was released on August 27, 2009.

The film preceded Season Three and was followed by Operation: Blind Storm.


On December 8, 2008, Rich Alvarez confirmed that Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie would be in development after Season Three was completed. After the season ended, a script for the film was written.

Due to the running time of the film being approximately 2½ hours, it was split into acts in case it would take several months for it to be released in its entirety. "Act I" is much more akin to Season One, primarily focusing on comedic aspects while "Act II" is more drama and plot-oriented, like the two previous installments. "Act I" was released in 5 parts and "Act II" was released in 7 (originally 6) parts. For those who donated to the film, they had their name appear in the end credits.

Originally, Alvarez had intended for Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie to be the series finale after many crucial cast members moved away. However, when several of them returned to town, he decided to continue the series and continued with Season Four, Season Five, Operation: Blind Storm, and The Interactive Adventure.


"Act I"Edit


Mario and Luigi reading Bowser's letter

The film opens up on Mario and Luigi arriving at the mailbox. They discover another letter from King Bowser, the first one since midway through the second season, asking if the two ever plan on returning to the Mushroom Kingdom. They both say that they won't, and Bowser's letter goes on to say that he did something out of boredom; though what he did is censored, it is obviously unpleasant. Disgusted, Mario and Luigi tear up the letter and Bowser, seemingly talking through the letter, shouts that he plans on coming to the Real World after them.
288216659 640-1-

Bowser announcing his arrival at the Real World

Though shocked, the Mario Brothers put it aside decide to make a Stupid Mario Brothers movie. After running up the hill, they laugh together and then face the camera with serious looks. Then Mario and Luigi enter Wario's house, where Wario asks if it is time to fight the Darkness that spawned from Nox Decious. However, Mario declares he is fed up with fighting bad guys in the Real World, deciding that it is time to dance and have some fun. The trio dance all

Mario, Luigi, and Wario (who is wearing sunglasses) dancing outside

throughout the city to the song"Let's Groove (soon joined by Waluigi), only to be confronted by the Dance Critic, who viciously insults them over their dancing, which she claims hasn't improved, before walking away. Mario and Luigi dismiss her and Mario wonders what Ash is doing.

At Ash's house, Ash is dancing to the Pokemon theme song. He's soon joined by Brock and eventually Gary Oak, who shoves them. Back to the city, Luigi suggests they go to the fair. Wario asks if there's going to be cotton candy and Waluigi says


Ash and Brock dancing

there obviously will be. Mario leads the way as they head to the fair. Back at Ash's house, Brock beats Gary at the Pokemon Card Game and announces that he's beaten Gary at every card, game, and every spin-off merchandise game ever made. Ash asks Gary how he got to his house and he says that his grandpa drove him here and Professor Oak appears. Oak tells Ash that he's slacking off when he should be catching Pokemon like Gary. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi have returned from the fair. Mario says it stunk because the Ferris wheel was broken and Wario's mad because they had no cotton candy. Luigi asks if they want to play Super Mario World and Mario agrees. Wario and Waluigi leave them since they're not in the game and Mario and Luigi head to their house.


Mario giving Yoshi a piggyback ride to make up for all the bad things he's done to him

On their way home, Mario and Luigi discover that they're being followed by none other than Yoshi. After a seemingly happy reunion, the three return to Mario's house, where Yoshi reveals that he hasn't been doing well and he's angry at them for many things (the two didn't write to him, they didn't leave food in his bowl, they left him chained to a fence while he was surrounded by ravenous starving Goombas, they went on vacation in the Real World when they told him that they would be gone for only 5 minutes, and they told him that they would take him to Baskin Robbins when they actually took him to the vet to get fixed without any anesthetic because they were too cheap to pay for it). Mario profusely apologizes, but Yoshi goes on an angry rant, and refuses to be bribed by the Mario Bros' apple offerings. Mario asks Yoshi how he can make it up to him and he gets an idea. Mario then makes it up to Yoshi by giving him a piggyback ride for a few blocks.


Bowser exits his base in the form of a human.

At Bowser's hideout, Kamek arrives. He's perfected the spell that make Koopas look human. Kamek preforms the spell on Bowser and the Koopa appears in his new human form, but he can't speak English. Kamek thought that might happen, so he bought Hooked On Phonics to teach Bowser English.

Back at Mario's house, Mario drops off Yoshi. He tells Luigi that he's super tired and he goes inside to rest. Luigi stays outside sitting on a


Luigi and Daisy (who now forgives Luigi) hugging each other.

swing when Daisy arrives. She demands to know where he's been and Luigi explains that he and Mario

went to the Real World for vacation and apologizes to Daisy, but she's still mad at him. Luigi, along with Mario, sings the song "You Toss Me Right Round" (a parody of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Enrique Iglesias) and wins Daisy back. The two then share a hug together, now having had forgiven each other.

We open up on Solid Snake, as he slams a mysterious package onto the back of a car and tapes it shut, calling it a "big box". He then hands it to UPS, whom he wants to deliver the package to Otacon because it contains "very valuable and sensitive stuff". Snake warns UPS not to even think about dropping the package or he will hunt UPS down and make him wish that he never became a delivery boy. UPS begins to explain why he prefers to be called a delivery man, but Snake interrupts him, shouting that he doesn't care and just wants him to get the job done. FedEx appears on the scene, having heard their conversation with his "super-advanced spying equipment" (in reality, just two cups connected by a string). UPS sarcastically tells him that it is impressive, and demands to know why FedEx is here. FedEx explains that he will deliver Snake's package, and UPS objects, but their argument is cut short by an agitated Snake, who holds them at gunpoint and shouts that he doesn't care who delivers the package as long as they get it done. Unnerved, UPS takes off running after a brief glance at FedEx, while FedEx curses in frustration.

Meanwhile, at Mario's house, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Daisy, Brock and Gary are in the middle of playing Twister, with Gary displaying his typical narcissistic and self-absorbed attitude towards the others. In the middle of the game, Mario and Gary get into an increasingly bitter argument, while Luigi brings up similarities to their past adventures, though Mario does not get the connection. As the game wears on, Mario begins to angrily lash out at Gary and the others. Nonetheless, near the end, the entire gang admits that they're all having fun before they all lose their balance and have a good laugh; being the last to fall, Luigi wins the game.

Elsewhere, King Bowser and Kamek are sitting on the railroad tracks, with Kamek in the middle of teaching Bowser proper English, but Bowser is not making much progress. With Bowser struggling with the pronounciation of "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane", Kamek realizes that the job of teaching Bowser English will take much longer than he originally thought, though he does think that Bowser is ready for Sesame Street, to which the irritated Koopa king growls.

Back at Mario's house, Mario has strained his back from the Twister game, and vows that he will never play Twister again, due to his back pain and a belief that Brock and Gary were cheating. Changing the subject, Luigi asks Mario if he ever printed out the strategy guide for Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario explains that he never did because they're out of printer ink. Luigi rants, having told Mario to buy more ink a week ago. Mario angrily tells him not to get his overalls in a bunch, and decides to go to the printer store right now. Still irate, Luigi follows him.

Arriving at the Printer Shop, they are met with a futile attempt at scaring them by the Printer Shop Owner, who they give a dirty look. Getting right to business, the owner asks how he can help them. Mario begins to ask for printer ink, but the owner interrupts him and offers to sell him an Inkjet Epsin, on which he has a sale. Mario begins to tell him that he wants some printer ink, but every time he begins to ask, the owner interrupts him and offers to sell him several printer-related products. At one point, the owner suggests pickles, confusing Mario. This continues for some time, until the owner finally offers printer ink to an irritated Mario himself. He calls his associate, who is actually Wario, surprising Mario, as Wario got the job in the episode Real Jobs Suck. Wario explains that it's a summer job. The owner once again attempts to sell them the Inkjet Epsin, and when he begins to show disturbing affection towards it, Mario and Luigi depart.

Meanwhile, FedEx catches up to UPS. The two come face to face with USPS on a TV screen. He uses his teleportation device (courtesy of his high paying job) to obtain their package. The two delivery men decide to team up to stop their common enemy.

Mario and Luigi are on their way home from the printer shop, when they run into Bowser, who surprises them with his fluent English. He is about to attack them, when Ash and Brock see him and think he's a Pokemon. Ash sends Pikachu to attack Bowser, but fails. Now bored, Ash and Brock exit. Bowser turns to face the Mario Bros., only to find that they have escaped.

Later, Mario is teaching Peach how to drive. However, he gets irritated by her lack of understanding and starts to lose his temper. In retaliation, Peach starts screaming, attracting the attention of two Police Officers. When Peach tells them Mario is being a jerk, they ask him if he is under the influence. He tells them the last thing he ate were some mushrooms, and they arrest him for drug abuse, calling him a 'shroom addict'. Luigi appears and asks what has happened, and the officers tell him to back away from the 'crime scene'. Luigi says their must be a misunderstanding but the officers arrest him too. Peach gets out the car and tells them they can let the brothers go, but the officers arrest her as well for 'aiding the criminal'. Peach screams as the officers subdue her.

The screen cuts to a Youtube News report. After a fictional weather report by Chris the Weather Man (he is later told to leave by Richard because he kept on interupting. He then retorts, Well fine, I didn't want to be here anyway.) and Matt's phone conversation, they detail Mario, Luigi, and Peach's arrest. They then learn that Ash, serving as their lawyer after having played Ace Attorney for over 100 hours as he finished playing Pokemon Platinum early, managed to convince the judge that no foul play occurred. Youtube News then announces the coming to life of a lawn mower and ends their broadcast (this is probably another reference to Real Jobs Suck, when Bob said he made a game where a lawn mower came to life and attacked a group of teens and a video called Monster Mower where a lawnmower attacks three teens).

At the Battlefield, Bowser curses at his loss of the Mario Bros. Kamek suggests that he be more aggressive and less talkative. Bowser agrees with his statement, then asks for his teddy bear , as he is tired. Kamek gives it to him. Part 2 ends with Bowser and Kamek laughing evilly.

Mario and Luigi are riding their bikes when Wario and Waluigi show up on theirs. Then the four heroes race, similar to the episode "Stupid Mario Kart." During the first lap of the race, Luigi cheats by throwing a banana peel in front of Waluigi, making him fall off his bike. The race continues as Wario starts shooting fireballs at Mario, but keeps missing. Wario gets mad and throws a red shell at Luigi, making him fall off his bike.


Wario squirting Mario

Wario then grabs out his water gun and starts spraying Mario, which makes him fall off his bike. Wario continues to ride his bike while laughing, but runs over a speed bump in the road and falls off his bike. Mario runs past Wario and Wario chases after him. The two heroes start hitting and shoving each other in slow motion. Soon Mario punches Wario and Wario falls over, but grabs hold of Mario's leg, making him fall down. The two heroes wrestle each other on the ground when Daisy bikes past the boys and wins the race.

UPS and FedEx have arrived at USPS' house. FedEx questions how UPS knows this is USPS' House and UPS tells him it said so on the mailbox outside. FedEx then asks how they get in and UPS tells him they will try the door and hope that it's unlocked. FedEx claims that UPS' plan will fail. UPS disses FedEx and he tells him that wasn't a clever diss. UPS says another diss and FedEx says "touche."


UPS and FedEx walking into USPS' lair

USPS tells the boys they will never break into his house since it is guarded in many ways, but UPS and FedEx appear right behind him. USPS asks how they got in his room and UPS says he left the door unlocked. USPS claims they will never get the package, but FedEx takes it from him while he isn't looking. USPS realizes he can teleport it right back to him. UPS tells him he can't because, on his way in he did some rewiring, and he will have an irreversible power failure "in about... right now." Right on cue, USPS' power goes out, and USPS says "You guys suck." UPS and FedEx tell him to never bother him again. On the way out, UPS accidentally steps on FedEx's foot.

Picture 8

The RMA Games employees dead after Bob's rant

Back at Mario's house, Luigi asks Mario if he thinks they will get used to life outside of prison. Mario tells Luigi they were only in prison for ten minutes. Luigi has an idea. He says maybe they could make a video game about their experience in prison. Mario says they tried that once, but RMA Games turned them down. Mario almost immediately repeats Luigi's idea and takes credit for it himself.

Mario and Luigi arrive at RMA Studios and Bob asks them if they have a better idea for a video game. Mario asks if they were open to new ideas, and Joe tells them they were until they showed up. Luigi asks if they can have another chance. Bob responds by saying they will and Bob and his employees laugh hysterically for a few seconds. Mario tells them their idea, but when he says that the characters are only in prison for 10 minutes, Bob claims the game is too short like The Force Unleashed. Mario tells Luigi he knew it was a bad idea and the brothers are leaving, but Bob says they can't leave until he kicks them out. Bob goes on an angry rant. After the rant Mario asks if they can leave and Bob, after briefly freaking out, calmly says they can. Mario and Luigi then run out of the RMA Studios building. Terence says he kind of liked their idea and Bob kills him with his killer tie. Joe asks Bob if he thinks he's over reacting and Bob kills him with his Killer Tie. Bob then kills Phillip with his Killer Tie and then Bob kills himself with his Killer Tie.

At Otacon's house, UPS and FedEx arrive and set Otacon's package on his table. Otacon begins to open the package as UPS and FedEx can't wait to find out. Finally, Otacon opens the package and reveals the package has all his favorite Japanese anime in it. UPS can't believe he wasted 9 hours of his life delivering the package to Otacon when all it was, was Japanese anime. UPS tells FedEx he hates him and FedEx tells him the same thing. FedEx and UPS storm off as Otacon wonders how he's going to fit all this anime to his tight schedule.

Picture 1

Solid Snake threatening Otacon at gunpoint

Meanwhile, at the battlefield, Luigi and Daisy are having a peaceful date when Mario breaks the moment, because Mario is yelling at Peach on his cell phone for not showing up. Peach tells Mario that she isn't there because she just totaled her car. Mario says she shouldn't have been driving because they hadn't finished her lessons, but Peach said that Mario got arrested. Mario points out it was her fault. This makes Peach mad and she tells her ex-boyfriend she never wants to see him again. Mario agrees and he turns his cell phone off as he happily skips to Luigi and Daisy. Mario realizes he doesn't have a date now, but Daisy invited Walgina to join them. Mario asks Walgina why she isn't with Waluigi and she reveals they broke up.

Back at Otacon's house, Otacon asks Solid Snake what Dragon Ball saga he wants to watch. Getting very annoyed, Snake says that he doesn't care about anime, Dragon Ball, or Otacon. Otacon says that was hurtful and Snake apologizes. Otacon suggests they go to Disneyland and Snake agrees. Otacon says they are going to have fun and Solid Snake threateningly points his gun to Otacon's head, saying that they better.

We open with The Soccer Field, where a football game between two teams consisting of Mario, Luigi, and Daisy vs. Wario, Yoshi, and Walgina. Brock and Gary are refereeing the game. Mario starts the kickoff, beginning the game. Yoshi attempts to catch it. but gets hit on the nose. Wario recovers the ball and starts heading down the field, only to be tripped by Mario. Everyone then piles on top of Wario on the 50 yard line. Walgina hikes the ball to Wario, who hands it off to Yoshi, who charges down the field, taking out everyone in his way, eventually making the touchdown. However, Gary refuses them the touchdown, claiming dinosaurs don't count. Mario's team is now on the offense. Mario makes it halfway down the field and faces Wario. The two stare each other down, then start dancing while Luigi makes the touchdown, winning them the game. Mario and Yoshi apologize to each other for their misunderstandings and become friends again.

The screen then shifts to a skit called Harry Potter and the Awkward Movie Crossover (...For No Reason.) It shows Harry telling jokes to Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Rubeus Hagrid, which only Hagrid finds funny. Ron suggests Harry go back to school, but Harry insists he is smart, though unable to remember the captial of France. Hermione explains that Harry's sense of humor may not be for everyone. Hagrid retorts that they are being mean to Harry, to which Hermione remarks that Hagrid is old. Insulted, Hagrid leaves, promising to never return. Harry gets angry at Hermione and Ron for making Hagrid leave, but Hermione and Ron just make fun of him. Suddenly, they hear a noise. They find out what it is: the semi-sentient lawn mower that Youtube News reported on in Act I Part 2. The lawn mower attacks them.

Meanwhile, Ash Ketchum informs Brock that he has successfully captured every single Pokemon, but then realizes that is impossible, since more and more keep being created. Gary then appears, much to Ash's dismay. Despite being asked to leave, Gary decided to remain with them to make himself look better. Ash replies that Gary is simply trying to justify having no friends, as he is unable to name any. Professor Oak then arrives and questions Ash on his behavior. Ash and Brock reply that Gary is an annoying idiot who smells. Before this can be argued, all four of them are attacked by the lawn mower and chased off.

The Lawnmower chasing after the Mario Bros.

Back at Mario's House, Mario and Luigi are waiting for Bowser, who is late to the fight he demanded they have. Bowser and Kamek then arrive, late due to Bowser's faulty watch. Kamek promises to buy him a new one as soon as he obtains more money, as he spent all of it on Bowser's clothes, current watch, and the Hooked on Phonics. The Mario Bros. and the Koopas advance on each other, about to fight, when the lawn mower appears and chases Mario and Luigi off. In his frustration, Bowser forgets his English and starts cursing in Koopa language. Discouraged, Kamek says that they're going to have to go back to Hooked on Phonics.

The Lawnmower destroyed by Julian

The lawn mower chases Mario and Luigi through the yard, until they run into Julian (who is filming an episode of Smashing Stuff with Julian Petruzzelli). The Mario Bros. run anyway while the lawn mower pulls up in front of Julian and just sits there, bouncing up and down. Julian, who at first was going to destroy an iPhone, decides to destroy the lawn mower with a sledgehammer instead because it was "pissing him off."

Act I Part 4 then ends with the music video of Good Video Games, a spoof of Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears.

Mario and Luigi are on the swing set. Luigi tells Mario that they have had a really fun day and asks him what he wants to do tomorrow. Mario says he doesn't know, but he thinks they are forgetting something very important.

Meanwhile, the Darkness is talking to Nox Decious, the former agreeing the time is now. He says that the transformation will soon begin and the way to chaos will become clear.

"Act II"Edit


Mario battling Bowser

The movie begins with Mario fighting King Bowser. During the fight, Mario launches a fireball at Bowser and Bowser surrenders. Bowser calls Kamek who is sissy fighting Luigi and they retreat.


Ash meeting Gary

After the opening credits, Gary Oak calls Ash Ketchum over to the corner, but only to tell him he is still more awesome than him, so an irritated Ash leaves. Mario appears, asks Gary if he saw Link, and then expresses his concern about him. The plumber wonders after why he is telling Gary everything and then he leaves. Shortly after he leaves, Gary decides to call his best friend, which turns out to be Professor Oak and asks him to pick him up.


Otacon meeting Solid Snake at the battlefield

At the battlefield, Otacon calls Snake on his codec telling Snake he's on the other side of the tractor, waiting for instructions. It is soon revealed than Snake is right next to him. Snake wonders why Genome Soldiers are still popping up. Otacon says that they could be following Liquid's last order but, Snake doesn't believe that's the reason why they're after him. Snake then tells Otacon to stay at the tractor and to call him if he sees anything.

Meanwhile, the Darkness speaks to Decious' soul. He says that he will kill the strongest one first, saying he is tired and weak, and has been lost for months. He also proclaims that once he is dead, the rest will be easy.


Coconut performing the spell on Link

Meanwhile, Link is still lost in the forest with Coconut. Link decides that leaving the Artifact outside is too dangerous, so Coconut does the spell to conceal the Artifact inside of him. Coconut warns him that if he dies the Artifact will go with his soul to the Next World. Darkness appears saying it is the end for him.


Link battling the Darkness

He takes out the Black Widow Blade and Link takes his sword and shield and the two engage in combat. Link's sword is knocked out of his hands, and soon his shield is too.


The Darkness killing Link

The Darkness stabs his beam sword through Link. He falls to the ground, and The Darkness begins to search him for The Artifact. He can not find it, and correctly deduces that Link had already cast the spell. Although he is obviously angry, he says that he doesn't need The Artifact anyway and leaves. The next day Mario finds Link on the ground in the forest. Know he has met his defeat, he gives Mario Coconut for luck. Mario knows Link is at his final moments, but tries to deny it. Link tells Mario he will see him in another life, and then dies. Mario mourns the loss of his friend. Later, he and Snake discuss the recent affairs with Link, and Snake promises Mario he will look for the Darkness if it's the last thing he does.

Meanwhile, King Bowser is waiting for Kamek who got diarrhea after eating prunes. The Darkness appears and after a short argument he gives Bowser two options, to join him or leave the Real World and go back to the Mushroom Kingdom.  Bowser walks off, telling Kamek to meet him at the portal. As Bowser walks off, Darkness says to himself that had Bowser joined him, he would have killed him later anyways.


Liquid capturing Otacon

Otacon is sleeping when Snake comes and informs him that they no longer care for the Genome Soldiers and that they are on the lookout for a mysterious cloaked figure and then Snake leaves. Then Liquid appears and captures Otacon so he cannot help Snake. He tries to contact Otacon by codec, but he has no signal. He thinks Otacon might have gone an anime convention.

Meanwhile, Luigi and Ash are talking about why Nintendo makes two versions of every Pokemon game. Ash claims that in Generation I, you get Pokemon Red and Blue unless you are from Japan, which you got Red and Green. Luigi says he did not know about that and Ash states it is because he isn't Japanese, but he continues on. He says that Red version has slightly different Pokemon than Blue Version, so players can trade Pokemon and get Pokemon from both versions. Luigi realizes that it wasn't a ploy to get 2 times as much money by getting the exact same game twice, but Ash claims they wanted to make 3 times as much money, which is why they made Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition. Then Mario appears and tells them that fun and games are over. He tells them Link has died and that the Darkness got him. He gets mad for listening to Merlin. Luigi asks what they should do now and Mario says they should regroup with Wario. He then decides to send a letter claiming it's top secret and that he won't send it through UPS. He gives it to Yoshi and says it is very important to deliver it quickly and swiftly. He says the instructions to where to send it are in the letter and not to check it until he is at least 5 miles away from the house.

Wario and Snake are talking about Link's death. Snake says he was a great warrior and it's a great loss. Wario asks Snake to contact him by Codec when he finds the Darkness, because he wants to kill him himself, and Snake agrees.

Picture 3

Nox Decious appearing in Luigi's dream

Meanwhile, Luigi is having strange dreams at night. He appears in a black surrounding. Then he looks around and sees Nox Decious tries to persuade Luigi to let their minds "become one", but Luigi refuses to listen. However, the second time, Luigi appears to listen to some of the things that Decious has to say, but still refuses to give in.

King Bowser and Kamek are at the portal, about to leave the Real World. Bowser asks where his Teddy is, but Kamek said he accidentally incinerated him. Bowser gets mad and tells Kamek he'll be punished when they return, and it wo'nt stop until he buys him a new bear.

Later, Ash meets up with Wario. In their conversation, the audience learns Brock is refereeing in San Francisco, Waluigi left, having important things to do, and Donkey Kong returned to the jungle.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi mourn the death of Link. In their conversation, Luigi grows angry, thinking Mario believes he is weak and unable to take care of himself. Though neither knows where Luigi is getting these ideas, the influence that Decious has placed on Luigi is becoming apparent.

At the mailbox, Wario is confronted by the invisible Darkness. The Darkness complains that his plan to use Wario failed, and he'll now have to kill his target himself. Wario refuses to let him, and shouts for the Darkness to reveal himself. The Darkness appears right behind Wario, surprising him, and demands that Wario hand over the Truth Stone. Wario unsurprisingly refuses. The Darkness then disappears, mocking asks where he went, and then laughs evilly.

Back at Mario's house, Luigi's speaks with Nox Decious, who offers Luigi the chance to become the most powerful being on Earth by letting them become one being, insisting that Mario is a user who doesn't care for him. Luigi refuses and manages to force Nox Decious away.

Wario and the Coconut

Wario meeting Coconut

Wario goes into Mario's kitchen looking for food, and meets Coconut, who explains he was a man, but his spirit got trapped in a coconut. Wario asks how he gets out, and Coconut replies that he'll need his help. Wario is unsure, as he is in the middle of something else. However, when Coconut explains that it will involve hunting down Darkness, Wario agrees to help.

Ness vs Darkness

Ness trying to battle the Darkness

In the Orchard, the Darkness says that soon he will not need to hide in the shadows when he gets rid of "him", and is confronted by Ness, the recipient of Mario's letter, who claims that he will kill the Darkness himself and drink a Pepsi to his death before launching a bolt of PK Thunder at him, which the Darkness easily blocks. Ness then attacks him with a metal baseball bat, but the Darkness easily catches the bat and hits Ness in the face with it, proceeding to viciously deride Ness for believing him to be weak, and ordering him to "grow up and try again later". In response, Ness promises the Darkness that he will meet his end very soon, and departs, leaving the irate Darkness to ponder, "Why do I have to be so popular?"

Merlin's Table

Mario meeting with Merlin

At Merlin's table, Merlin's meditation is interrupted by a disgruntled Mario. He blames Merlin for Link's death, but Merlin informs Mario that while Link's death was unfortunate, it was necessary. When Mario asks why, Merlin doesn't give him a precise answer because he must find out for himself. Mario rebukes him for his confidential answers to which Merlin explain how everything in he and Luigi's lives have led up to this point and will be revealed shortly. Before Mario leaves, Merlin warns him of the Black Widow Blade's power, a warning which Mario disdainfully ignores.

On the battlefield, Solid Snake's personal codec message is interrupted by Liquid. Liquid explains that he has returned to partake in the new world order of the Darkness who appears behind Snake's back much to his surprise. Liquid leaves as Darkness torments Snake telling him how all his minuscule heroic deeds have led up to nothing. He ignites the Black Widow Blade and attempts to kill Snake but is stopped by Luigi. Snake scurries off the battlefield and alerts Wario through codec about the Darkness's coordinates.

Darkness explains to Luigi how pathetic his friends are and how he would be better off listening to Nox Decious. Luigi then hears Nox inside his head again, who attempts to take over his body. He potently resists and attacks Darkness screaming in a last ditch effort to expel Decious from his mind. The two reignite their beam swords and Luigi thrashes at Darkness who easily deflects each shot. Swiftly, Darkness slips Luigi's beam sword out of his hands and turns it's core black. He tosses it off to the side and delivers a powerful kick to Luigi chest, knocking him to the ground. Instead of killing him, The Darkness decides to allow Nox to take over. Too weak to fight back, Luigi is backed into a corner by Decious and The Darkness. Luigi cries out in agony as Decious consumes his mind and he falls unconscious.

Darkness conceals himself as Mario runs onto the battlefield. The sight of his brother lying lifelessly is too much for Mario; he can't loose him too. As Mario weeps over his body, he hears Luigi groan. He stands up but something is off about him. When Mario questions him he tells him that he is no longer Luigi and is now Mr. L. In shock by his brother's transformation, Mario is caught off guard by the Darkness who impales him with the Black Widow Blade. Mario falls to the ground and dies.

The Darkness rejoices over Mario's death and says that it is like when a child kills its first insect. When Mr. L tells him to stop fooling around, Darkness stands up against him and explains how he no longer cares about Decious. He only helped Decious take over Luigi's body so that he could kill them both himself because Decious no longer has the Truth Stone. Mr. L reminds Darkness that he doesn't have the stone either, which causes Darkness to angrily scream about how he will become the most powerful being on the planet. Mr. L leaves, and Darkness turns to find Wario now standing on the Battlefield. Darkness jokingly tells Wario that he was just the man he wanted to kill because he now needs the truth stone, more so then before. Wario tells him to stop talking and start fighting. Entertained, Darkness removes his cloak and ignites the Black Widow Blade.

Wario charges at him with the Nether Saber but Darkness grabs his boot and tosses him on the ground. "Nice try!" Darkness remarks as he swings his beam sword at Wario. Deflecting the swing, Wario crawls back to his feet and wields the saber Shien Shien Style and clashes several more times with the Darkness before knocking the Black Widow Blade out of his hand. Weaponless yet undaunted, Darkness dodge a beam sword jab and beats Wario to the ground. The two pick up their sabers, get to their feet and continue to fight. Wario and Darkness exchange blows until the two find themselves fighting on the ground. Darkness delivers a kick into Wario's head and picks up his saber and darkens it's core. Now equipped with both the Black Widow Blade and the Nether Saber, Darkness charges at Wario and impales him.

As Wario doubles over in pain and collapses to the ground, The Darkness assumes that he is dead and figures that he didn't have the Truth Stone after all. Suddenly, Wario throws the nether saber through Darkness' back, mortally wounding him. Wario gets to his feet and remarks that the Truth stone is too powerful for him to use again to which Darkness sarcastically responds, "Here, let me borrow it for a minute." Wario refuses, saying he will take it back to Merlin; and with his last breath, Darkness lets out a psychotic laugh and then dies. Mr. L, who had been observing the fight, states that the Darkness's purpose has been served and he is glad to be rid of him before walking off. Wario retrieves the Black Widow Blade and tells Darkness to "Rest in hell." Snake then come out of his hiding spot and asks Wario what they should do now. Wario begins to answer by saying that they must first tell Luigi what has happened, but Snake stops him, saying Luigi isn't helping them anymore. He goes on to say that Luigi watched Mario die. Wario says that if Luigi did so, he isn't Luigi anymore. Snake tells him about Liquid, and the two decide that they need to come up with a plan.


Mario absorbing the Artifact

Mario awakens in the Afterlife where he meets Link. Mario believes that he is dead too, but Link tells him that he is not completely dead, as his body still has a small amount of energy left. He gives Mario The Artifact, and tells him that it will help gain his full potential. Mario asks Link what will happen to him, and Link says that he will stay in the afterlife, as he is finally found peace. Mario uses the artifact and appears in the real world in his Fire Mario costume, ready to take on Mr. L.

Wario and Solid Snake are at Mario's house talking. Snake says he knows where his brother is, but Wario says they need to find Luigi and find out what has become of him. Ness appears claiming to know where Luigi is and explains that Luigi has been possessed by Nox Decious making him Mr. L. Snake asks how Ness knows all his and Ness responds by saying, "Psychic!". Then asks who will defeat Luigi. Mario appears saying he will claiming that everything he's been though has lead up to this and that Luigi was who he was meant to defeat. Ness reveals it is true and that he knew it all along. Wario asks Mario how he is still alive Mario says, "Let's just say I had a little help from a friend," to which Wario takes his word for Ness reveals that Luigi is at the Abandoned Castle where Mario first encountered Nox Decious. He asks Mario if he remembers how to get there and Mario says he knows it. Wario asks Mario if he should do it for him, but Mario says it has to be him and that he must go alone. Snake tells that Mario it was an honor to fight with him, wishes everyone good luck, and leaves to confront his brother. Mario tells Wario and Ness that if he doesn't make it he wants them to defeat Luigi. Wario then gives the Black Widow Blade to Mario. Mario thanks them and leaves to confront Luigi. Ness then mumbles, "Two heroes, each must face their brother, four will battle, two shall be victorious." Wario tells Ness that he sometimes wishes he wasn't all knowing and Ness says, "Me too."

Snake is walking across the battlefield when Otacon appears. Snake asks Otacon where he has been and Otacon reveals he was kidnapped by Liquid Snake, who is still alive. Snake claims he knows that, because he meet Liquid and asks Otacon how he escaped. Otacon claims Liquid let him go for an unknown reason. Snake asks Otacon where Liquid is and Otaon reveals he is at The Old Railroad. Snake starts to walk away and Otacon asks what Snake plans to do to Liquid. Snake stops and says, "Kill him, again." Then leaves.


Solid Snake shooting Liquid Snake

Snake arrives at the Old Railroad where he meets Liquid. Snake claims Liquid's new world is finished and Liquid claims he doesn't need the Darkness to create his new world, just his "creative mind" and ambition. Snake tells him he's insane, and he always was. Liquid then reveals somethings will have to change to get his new world started which starts with Snake's death. Liquid pulls out his gun and is about to shoot Snake, but Snake shoots him first. As Liquid is dying on the ground Snake comes over to him. Liquid makes a loud, angry grunt and Snake punches him in the face, killing him. Snake walks away saying, "Good bye Liquid, see you in Hell."

At Mario's House Wario is sitting on the roof holding Coconut. Coconut tells Wario the second step to freeing him involves Wario giving the Truth Stone to Merlin. Then Merlin will do a spell using the power that the Truth Stone has left. Wario asks if the spell turns him into a human, but Coconut says that spell is for someone else, but it indirectly helps him. Though confused, Wario says he will give Merlin the truth stone.

Meanwhile, Mario arrives at the Abandoned Castle where he meets Mr. L. Mr. L claims Mario will never defeat him and Mario tells Luigi to take control saying the real Luigi will prevail. Mr. L laughs and claims Luigi is dead, but he has just been born and the only way to stop him is to kill him. Mario says that he believes Luigi is still alive and he knows what he would want him to stop him no matter what the cost. Mr. L asks if that means killing his own brother, but Mario claims he is not his brother and that Luigi would never want his body used this way. Mr. L says Luigi will never be back, because he's gone and Mario says then he has no choice, but to kill him. Mario and Mr. L charge at each other and the fight begins.


Mr. L using fireballs to block Mario's attack


Mr. L dodging Mario's fireballs

Mario and Mr. L start to slash their beam swords at each other. As Mario is blocking Mr. L's beam sword he punches him in the face and knocks his beam sword out of his hands Mario charges at Mr. L with his beam sword, but Mr. L blocks it using fireballs and knocks Mario's beam sword out of his hands. Mr. L launches the fireballs at Mario, but he absorbs them and begins launching his own fireballs at him. Mr. L dodges them and Mario launches a ton of fireballs at once. Mr. L dodges them easily in slow motion, but a fireball hits him and he falls to the ground. Mr. L grabs his beam sword and gets back up as Mario launches another fireball at him. Mr. L uses his beam sword to absorb the fireball and launches it back at Mario. Mario blocks it and creates a giant fireball and launches it at Mr. L. Mr. L gets hit and falls to the ground appearing to be defeated.


Mario and Mr. L trying to knock each other away.

Mr. L then gets back up and starts punching Mario. They start hitting each other. They both clash their fists and block each other as the uses the force to knock each other away. They both knock each other away and start slashing each other with the beam swords again. As Mario blocks Mr. L's attack he launches a fireball at his face. Mr. L falls to the ground as he clenches his burning face. Mario walks over pointing his beam sword at Mr. L's neck.


Luigi fighting back against Nox Decious.

Mario tells Luigi he must take control, but Mr. L tells him it's to late. In his mind, Luigi then tells Nox Decious that its never too late and he won't allow him to control his body any more. Luigi then starts strangling Nox Decious as Nox Decious tries to fight back. Luigi then kills Nox Decious and takes control over his body again. Luigi wakes up as himself and claims he feels sick, but says its good to be back.

Mario is sitting on a tree stump in his old clothes. He takes off his Fire Mario hat. Then Luigi appears him and asks him what they do from this point. Mario replies that they will try to go back to normal. Luigi asks if it was possible. Mario replies that they will try. Luigi tries to apologize, but Mario stops him, saying he had no control over his body. Luigi asks how he was able to fight him, knowing that he might have to kill him. Mario assumes that he always knew he wouldn't have to.

Wario and Sage

Wario meeting Sage

Meanwhile, Wario has returned the Stone of Righteousness to Merlin and Coconut tells him to place him on the ground. Wario obeys him and puts him on the ground. He turns into a human and thanks Wario. He then says that his name is Sage, an old Gerudo king like Ganon, except he was a good king with noble intentions. Wario asks how that went over and Sage replies that the women were ashamed and cursed his soul in a coconut. Then he was told that he had to assist in 3 acts of heroism, and they thought because he was a coconut he wouldn't be able to, but they never realized he could still talk. First, he helped Link through the forest and retrieved the Fire Flower. Second, he got someone to defeat the pure evil. Third, he made sure wrong was righted by giving Merlin the Truth Stone. Wario asks if the spell worked, and Sage tells him if it didn't he wouldn't be standing here. Wario asked what the spell did, and Sage says that Wario will see his friend soon. Wario asks what he means, but Sage tells him he must leave now and was honored to have met him.

Goodbye Link

Mario bidding Link farewell while shaking his hand

Mario is sitting alone on the swing set and is shocked when he notices Link beside him. He is surprised that he is alive (as he thought that he was dead), to which Link explains that Merlin used the last power the Truth Stone had to resurrect him. Mario is delighted, saying they can have fun together as the whole group again, but Link says he must leave to protect Hyrule. He explains that Mario has done well of protecting the Real World, and it is now time to protect his; though he may return for a visit in a year or two, or if the Real World needs him again. As he leaves, he and Mario shake hands and part on friendly terms.


Ash gloating in front of Gary

Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak are playing Pokemon on a bench. They are racing to see who can catch'em all first. Ash does it first and rubs it in Gary's face. He says that he has caught all 493 species of Pokemon before Gary Oak. Gary starts to cry and swears revenge on Ash. Then Ash pushes Gary off the bench and yells "SMELL YA LATER GARY!" and leaves to tell his mom. Gary pulls out his cell phone and calls his grandfather, Professor Oak to come pick him up.


Merlin talking to Waluigi

Waluigi appears at Merlin's table. Merlin is seated there telling him everything went according to plan, Wario killed the Darkness, Mario defeated Mr. L, and thanks to Sage, he was able to resurrect Link using the Truth Stone. Waluigi says it's a happy ending for everyone. And Merlin says they won't have to deal with the Darkness any longer because of the counter curse Waluigi gave Wario. But Waluigi realizes he forgot to give Wario the counter curse. Merlin yells at Waluigi that the Darkness is a thing, not a person. The counter curse was supposed to make the Darkness human - which means that the Darkness is still alive.

I'm Back!

The Darkness' return

Meanwhile, in the field where Wario "killed" him, the Darkness awakens, saying the attack stung. He removes his Mario hat, saying he doesn't need it, as he believes Mario is still dead, thus he doesn't have to impersonate him any longer. He raises his head and screams that he's coming for Wario, laughs maniacally, then grins and says, "I'm back!"

Wario is hanging out by the soccer field when Waluigi arrives. Wario asks Waluigi what he is doing there and Waluigi tells him he has come back to complete his mission of being his protector. Wario claims he doesn't need Waluigi's help because he has already defeated the Darkness, but Waluigi reveals to Wario that the Darkness isn't destroyed. Then he tells his brother he needs to say the counter curse and apologizes for not telling him earlier. Wario cannot believe the Darkness is still alive; however, Waluigi corrects him, saying that the Darkness was never alive, but can be destroyed. He asks Wario if he will battle the Darkness again and Wario asks for the counter curse.

At Ash's house, Ash is bored because he caught all the Pokemon and wonders who he will share them with. Suddenly, a voice tells Ash, "You don't share your Pokemon. You trade them." Ash looks up and sees Brock. Ash asks him why he isn't at his referee school and tells him that school is for Slowpokes and decided to come back to do what he does best; catch Pokemon with his best friend. The two leave together to prepare for the next generation of Pokemon.

Wario goes to the battlefield to face the Darkness, who remarks how confident Wario looks as he no longer has the Truth Stone to keep him alive. Wario reminds him he doesn't have a beam sword, to which the Darkness replies by pulling out one. Wario wonders how he got it, but replies he'll need it, as he is only Mario's shadow and that's all he'll ever be. The Darkness charges at Wario in anger, telling him to never compare himself to Mario and the two begin their fight.

The two clash with their beam swords until the Darkness manages to force Wario to the ground. He begins to kick Wario while he is down, but he retaliates and the two get in a fistfight. Wario shoves the Darkness to the ground and starts punching him, while the Darkness taunts him. While holding the Darkness down, Wario utters the counter curse, "Obscurem Absentis Humanis". The Darkness laughs, unaware of what it does, saying that "Worthless words won't save you now Wario!". Wario grabs the Darkness by the throat, tells him that worthless words are all he has heard from him, and telekinetically calls his beam sword to him and stabs the Darkness. The Darkness begins to laugh, then realizes what has happened. Wario smiles and says "This time, it's real, Darkness." The Darkness screams angrily, then dies.

Wario throws the Nether Saber aside, gets up and looks at the Darkness's dead body and says "I'm done with you." He then starts walking away as the screen fades to black.

The finale opens with Solid Snake and Ness, who are wondering what they will do next. Ness says he will probably go back home, and Snake remembers he promised Otacon he'd go to DisneyLand. Ness remarks that it sounds lame. Snake exasperatedly agrees. Ness then makes a suggestion, saying he senses new adventure for them nearby and asks Snake if he wants to check it out. Solid Snake agrees and says, "Operation: Blindstorm commencing!".

Mario, Luigi, and Wario are hanging out by the mailbox after the death of the Darkness. Mario says they've come a long way from when they first left the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi agrees, saying he's learned a lot. But then Mario says he's not ready to go back yet, as there is still a lot of things he wants to do. Wario agrees, saying they should give the Real World one last go, as they have the rest of their lives to see the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi also concurs, saying that King Bowser can wait, then asks Mario what he wants to do now. In response, Mario says he has no idea. Wario suggests they play video games, but Luigi reminds him that they always play video games. Then Mario says they're on the next great adventure; their future, and how they make it. The movie then ends with Mario saying, "I don't know what lies ahead, but I'm positive we can overcome anything."

The film ends with credit and a list of donators. Several of the donators listed are fake and are references to previous videos by Rich Alvarez and the crew.



Various episodes in Season Three have been changed from their original design to aid as foreshadowing for the film. This is a list of plot points that were originally in the film and changes that were made to set it up:

  • The voice was revealed to be the Darkness.
  • Merlin came to Mario's aid.
  • The Darkness' existence and ability to contact Nox Decious' soul.
  • Originally, "Bloody Confrontations" and the finale were very different from their current form, being entirely re-scripted and shot to directly pave the way for the film.


  • The entire first act is completely irrelevant to the storyline (other than Bowser), as is stated at the end of the act.


  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16:9)
  • Video Format: 720 HD 29.970i / 29.970p (Special Effects sequences)
  • Total Run Time: 2:33:06 (11 parts)

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