Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Mario
Professor Oak
Enemies: Ganondorf
Status: Alive
Professor Oak: "Did I ask for tea?"
Gary: "Yeah, you asked Steve for tea!"
Professor Oak: "Steve? Who's that?"
Brock: "Your new assistant!"
Professor Oak: "My dear boy, I'm Professor Oak. I don't need an assistant!"
Professor Oak discusses his nonexistent assistant Steve with Brock and Gary

Steve was the assistant of Professor Oak during his time in the Real World.

Oak shouts for Steve to get tea for him so he can tell Mario, Brock, and Gary how to defeat Ganon. Oak claims he needs an assistant at his age to help him to raise Pokémon. When Gary asks how old he is, Oak forgets about his tea and claims he doesn't need an assistant. It is unlikely Steve really exists.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Steve has never been seen on camera before, only mentioned.


Steve can possibly be lazy or hard working, depending how long it takes to make the tea though if he exists.



Steve presumably doesn't even know who Mario is unless he has heard stories about Mario from Professor Oak.


Steve probably doesn't know Brock also unless Steve could be a trainer and have battled Brock before.


Since Gary is Professor Oak's son Steve could have heard about Gary.

Professor OakEdit

Because Steve is Professor Oak's assistant he must know Oak pretty well.


If Steve is working for the good guys he must hate Ganon even though he never met him.


Some people in the comments thought Steve was Steve from Minecraft.

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