Solid Snake talking to Miller on his Codec

Solid Snake's Arsenal is an array of weapons and gadgets at Snake's disposal.

Weapons and GadgetsEdit


Snake's Codec has been seen many times and is a way for him to talk to characters in the series. It first appeared in "Like Hyrule, but not," where Solid Snake is seen talking on it to Otacon. It made continuous appearances for the rest of Season Three, but it has not appeared since.



Solid Snake using his binoculars

Solid Snake uses a pair of binoculars to look for people and objects, such as in "Metal Gear Stupid."



Solid Snake running off from a guard, holding his gun

Despite Solid Snake having a handgun (which appears to be a Glock 19), he has not used it very often in the series. In "Act II Part 4," he shoots Liquid, but (unknowingly) failed to kill him.

In Operation: Blind Storm, he shot and destroyed the Energy Source with a single bullet.

In The Interactive Adventure, Snake threatens several people with his gun, but doesn't use it regardless.

In Season Five, Snake's handgun was taken by Blaire and used to critically wound Snake and kill two pirates. Then Blaire discarded the gun and it is unknown if it was ever recovered.

Bulletproof vestEdit


Solid Snake shooting Liquid, killing him

After finding out Liquid is still alive in Season Four, Solid Snake makes the assumption that Liquid wore a bulletproof vest during their duel.

With this in mind, he dueled Liquid once more in "Plumbers and Ninjas and Snakes OH MY!" while wearing a bulletproof vest. This vest saved Snake's life after Liquid played dead on him a second time.


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