Soccer Field
The Soccer Field 01


North of Mario's House

First Appearance

"Wario's New Partner likes Purple"

"I thought you'd find us here, conveniently on a field for us to battle!"
Blaire Vherestorm meeting with Snake, Episode 69

The soccer field, also referred to as the Northern field, is a large grassy field used primary for sporting events. The area has also been used as a battleground on several occasions.


Season TwoEdit

A soccer game will prove who the best men are the Soccer Field is first the location of the Soccer Game between Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. Its wide open space makes it perfect for the refs (Brock and Donkey Kong) and the spectators (Johnny, Peach, Walgina, and Guy in a Blue Shirt) to get a good view of the game. Plus, it is also another perfect place for Donkey Kong to chase the Wario Brothers.

Return to the Soccer FieldEdit

Soccerfield (2)

Luigi battling Waluigi

Mario and Luigi return to the Soccer Field when they search for the Cross, the third Nether Emblem. They meet up with Waluigi and he confronts Luigi with his Beam Sword. The Soccer Field proves to be the ultimate battlefield for the fight between Luigi and Waluigi.

The MovieEdit

Mario, Luigi, and Daisy face Wario, Walgina, and Yoshi in a game of football, with Brock and Gary being the referees. The game ends with Mario's team victorious.

Season FourEdit

Ryu meets Ken there for their battle. Ryu manages to defeat Ken, but doesn't kill him and lets him go.

Season FiveEdit

Luigi meets King Bowser there who they get into an argument. Bowser summons ninjas to fight Luigi and later, Donkey Kong and Ness. The fight ends with the ninjas losing. Bowser then retreats. Later, Solid Snake, Ryu, Ken, and two pirates go there to intercept Blaire Vherestorm and two ninjas on their way to attack the Mushroom Force. They battle and in the end Waluigi confronts Blaire to finish him off and in the end is successful by stabbing him with an Energy Beam in the stomach area.

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