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The Calm Before the Darkness is the fourth season of Stupid Mario Brothers. This season answers confusing questions left unanswered in Operation: Blind Storm.

The season takes place 1 year after the events of Operation: Blind Storm and the Mushroom Force is still trying to adjust to their loss of powers. Brock and Gary are arguing about who sucks the most, and go to Professor Oak for a decision. Waluigi returns after being in Australia, explaining his absence. Wario gets into a relationship with Mona. Mario accidentally kills Donkey Kong's new girlfriend Pauline by giving her Solid Snake's medical chocolates, which results in tension between him and Snake as Snake suffers from rapid aging. Solid Snake begins to question the Energy Source and the loss of the powers. Meanwhile, a mysterious group known as the Trifecta and a sudden overpopulation of ninjas begins to stir up trouble, and a man named Ryu comes to train the group for the upcoming battle.

The season began on January 28, 2011, with the airing of "Death is Like A Box of Chocolates" and ended with 15 episodes on May 6, 2011, with the airing of "The Darkness Explains It All."

Overall, Season Four appears to be a clever mix of both the more story-driven aspects of Season Two and Season Three and the comedic aspects of Season One, in both the plotlines and the personalities of the heroes.


After much pressure from the fans following Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie and Operation: Blind Storm, Season 4 was officially announced by Rich Alvarez at the end of The Interactive Adventure.

Later, Alvarez confirmed that the problem of the group losing their powers will be part of the synopsis, but he didn't confirm if they would get their powers back within the season. The special effects were brought to a minimum in order to avoid time constraints. Alvarez stated that the only thing that will come close to fighting would be normal hand to hand combat.

In Alvarez's video series Life in the Fat Lane it was confirmed that Austin Stevenson and Tim Muller would return as Brock and Ness. A new costume was bought for Donkey Kong (since the original one was being temporarily borrowed by Alvarez and Chris Muller and eventually had to be given back to its owner) and Pauline and Max Payne joined the cast in Season 4. Due to Alvarez and Dane Cook each going their own ways, Ash and Daisy did not return.


Episode Episode Name Release Date
46 Death is Like A Box of Chocolates January 26, 2011
47 Poke-Drawls February 3, 2011
48 The Case Of The Stolen Junk February 10, 2011
49 A Huge Payne February 17, 2011
50 You Can't Read My Poker Face! February 24, 2011
51 Poke-Suckers! March 3, 2011
52 JMK FOREVER March 10, 2011
53 All Good Things... March 18, 2011
54 The Great Purple Hope! March 24, 2011
55 Ninjas GALORE! April 1, 2011
56 The Trifecta! April 7, 2011
57 The Truth About Blaire Vherestorm! April 15, 2011
58 What Would Waluigi Do?! April 22, 2011
59 Plumbers and Ninjas and Snakes OH MY! April 29, 2011
60 The Darkness Explains It All May 6, 2011

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The season remains a controversial subject among fans. While the continued revival of the lighter tone resurrected by The Interactive Adventure was well received by some, the biggest criticisms by viewers were of the plot and the show's new over reliance on toilet humor. Kevin Chamberlain has raised opinions on both these criticisms in his retrospective of the season; he also found the revival of the Darkness to be very contrived and annoying since it ruined the season 3/movie act 2 concept.


  • This is the penultimate season of Stupid Mario Brothers.
  • The season is widely regarded by many fans to be the definitive low point of the show's run.
  • It is the last season to feature a JMK episode and the band itself.
  • The Ninjas are introduced.
  • Ness returns permenantly as a series regular character.
  • It is the first season to lack an opening sequence.
  • Solid Snake ages for the first time.
  • The Season had two main plots. From Episode 46 to 51, Snake pressures Mario to gather money for the chocolates he stole to woo Pauline. The second plot occurs between Episode 53 and Episode 60, when Mario and his friends are threatened by the Trifecta.
  • The main antagonists are the Trifecta, and more subtly, the Darkness.
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