Several times through the series, characters seek redemption for their mistakes. Primarily, Wario has redeemed himself on several occasions.


Mario refuses to return home to the Mushroom Kingdom to save Peach from Bowser. When she escapes on her own, she is angry with him for not assisting her. She lashes out at him for his inability to show her any care or respect. Mario apologizes to her and redeems himself, that is, until he tells her they will never speak to each other again. ("The Final Countdown until the next Countdown") ("Well excuse me PRINCESS!") ("The Movie")

He later manages to gain Yoshi's forgiveness after leaving him chained to a fence with no food and several starving Goombas surrounding him. ("The Movie")


Ep44 (1)

Waluigi redeeming himself by training under Merlin to be Wario's protector

Waluigi joins Wario to bring Mario and Luigi back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Though he is initially rather dim-witted and unfriendly, Wario casts him away as a friend. Waluigi leaves, believing he will never return. However, he runs into Merlin and is trained as Wario's protector so he can return and assist Mario and Luigi in converting Wario to their side. During his training, he becomes persuasive, sociable, and wise. The trio battles Wario, and they overpower him. Wario allies himself with the three and Waluigi fulfills his role as his protector. ("Wario's New Partner likes Purple") ("The Zero Hour") ("Bloody Confrontations") ("The End of the Beginning")


Stabbing the Darkness

Wario redeeming himself by defeating the Darkness and fulfilling his role as one of two Chosen Ones

After their second real battle, Wario reveals to Mario that he is jealous of him. Believing Mario to have it all, he grows to hate him. Blaming Mario for his troubles leads him to attempt to kill Mario, but Waluigi convinces him to fulfill his role as the Chosen One and join their side. Wario agrees, eventually "killing" the Darkness twice. ("Stupid Smash Brothers") ("Bloody Confrontations") ("The Movie")

Later, Mona leaves the group when Wario is not there to help her. He leaves the group as well, enraged and feeling inadequate. When he comes to his senses and realizes that his friends need him to stay alive, he prepares to return and fight. Once again, he wishes to redeem himself. ("Episode 70") ("Episode 74")

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