Random bum
Reginald Chesterfield
Also Known As: Random Bum
Gender: Male
Series: YouTube News
Stupid Mario Brothers
That Stupid Video Game Show
Home World: Real World
Allies: Rich Alvarez
Chris Muller
Matt Provencal
Tommy Vercetti
Dane Cook
Enemies: Max Payne
Debut: YouTube News
Conclusion: That Stupid Video Game Show
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Matthew Thomas Provencal

Reginald Chesterfield, better known as the Random Bum, is a character in YouTube News.


The Random Bum is a bum from YouTube News who says that everything sucks.

YouTube NewsEdit

The Random Bum first appeared when Mario and Wario were running for president of the Mushroom Kingdom (which Ash surprisingly wins) when Rich Alvarez mentioned Rabbit Swick Rabbit was in Downtown New Figgleton. After that, the random bum was in about every other episode.

He usually yells out, "[subject] sucks!", except on the Mother's Day episode where he yelled, "Mother's Day doesn't suck?", The Day The Earth Stood Still Episode where he was about to yell something, but did not in the end, the 'Banjo-Kazooie Nuts And Bolts' episode where he yelled, "I don't play games!", the 'Disney Sequels' episode where he yelled, "I hate Disney sequels!", the Harry Potter 6 episode where he yelled, "Warner Brothers!", the Star Trek episode where he said calmly, "May you live long and prosper." and in the Twilight: New Moon episode where he yelled, "New Moon rocks!".

In the Hannah Montana episode, when the crew cuts the cameras to Newoldlittlebigtown, it has been flooded because someone left the water running and the bum screams, "Water everywhere!". In the Directors episode, he bought the rights to the Halo film, screaming that Halo sucks, but he later threw it in the bin (where it was found by M. Night Shyamalan). In the Richalvarez episode, the random bum shouted, "Cheap joke!". In the Chris Muller News episode, he couldn't say anything because he was tied up by Muller earlier.

Season FourEdit

The bum appears in "A Huge Payne" as part of the Mafia.

He runs out of a room with a gun shouting, "Max Payne sucks!". Then Payne puts a gun to his head and the bum says, "My life sucks!" before getting shot.


The random bum appears on the streets shouting out that everything sucks (except some exceptions). When not shouting he is shown to have a British accent.

Sometimes, he says random things.


  • At first, the Random Bum was portrayed by Matt Surges in the Wario interview episode. But then in The Jonas Brothers, he was played by Matt Provencal. Matt's played him since.
  • He always wears his cap over his eyes.
  • The Random Bum made a brief appearance in the music video for "Mario's Princess is in Another Castle."
  • In Nintendo 3DS, his costume changed. This is because this was another bum, as the original one died in season four, however, he returned at the time season five was airing, as Ganondorf brought the bad guys back to live in that season.
  • In "Christmas 2013: Richie VS Chris," the Random Bum's real name is revealed to be Reginald Chesterfield.
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