RMA Games HQ
Leader: Bob
Members: Joe
Status: Disbanded

RMA Games HQ is the HQ of RMA Productions and RMA Games. It is a game studio located in Bob and Joe's house.


Season OneEdit

The RMA Gaming Studio first appeared in "Real Jobs Suck" when Mario and Luigi tried to get new jobs and presented their idea about their lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, Bob hated their idea and ranted about how different they are to other game studios and how stupid the idea is, which ended with him killing Phillip with his killer tie. Scared out of their wits, Mario and Luigi both run away in fear, screaming. Bob then sits down and Joe asks him if he thinks he overreacted a little and Bob admits that he did.

At the end, the RMA Gaming Studio appears when Bob and Joe get a call from Ash, who presents his idea about his adventures. Bob likes Ash's idea and then leaves to get a beer with Joe, Terence, and Philip (who somehow came back to life).

Season TwoEdit

RMA Games HQ (as it is revealed to be where Bob and Joe live in "How it's done in Hyrule!") appeared in Season Two again, but they did not hold any game idea sessions there.

The MovieEdit

The RMA Gaming Studio appears again in "Act I Part 3" when Mario and Luigi return there to present their new idea for a video game based on their short life in prison. Unfortunately, Bob once again hates it and goes into another angry rant, which ends with Mario and Luigi running away in fear, screaming again. After they leave, Terence admits to Bob that he liked their idea, which infuriates Bob and he kills Terence with his killer tie. Joe then asks if he might have overreacted again, but Bob kills him with his killer tie in anger. He then looks at Phillip, who screams and is killed by Bob's killer tie. Then Bob kills himself with his killer tie.

It is assumed that with all the employees dead, RMA Games is no longer operating and making games.



  • The RMA Gaming Studio house has been used as many other characters as their house. People who have used it include Mario, Ash, and Gary.
  • It is revealed in the Season Two episode "How it's done in Hyrule!" that the RMA Games Studio is where Bob and Joe live and is where their meetings are held. However, it is unknown where Terence and Phillip live or maybe they do live in the RMA Games Studio, but just weren't seen.
  • In real life, the house is owned by Rich Alvarez.
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