Printer Shop Owner
Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Wario
Enemies: Mario
Debut: Real Jobs Suck
Conclusion: Act I Part 2
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Julian Petruzzelli
"You guys are going to be a fine addition to the family here."
—The Printer Shop Owner to Mario and Luigi in "Real Jobs Suck"

The Printer Shop Owner is the owner of the Printer Shop in "Real Jobs Suck." He enjoys newsboy hats, printers, and family own businesses.


Season OneEdit

Printer Shop Owner

The owner showing his love for printers

At one point, he hired Wario and Waluigi to work as printer shop clerks. Waluigi's career in that field is unknown since Wario is the only one who was working there in the movie.

Afterward, Mario and Luigi show up at the store to get jobs. They hand in their applications and are qualified for the jobs, but are rejected, since Wario and Waluigi were hired first. ("Real Jobs Suck")

The MovieEdit


Mario and Luigi creeped out by the owner's love of printers

The Mario Brothers later head here again to buy printer ink to print the strategy guide for Super Mario Galaxy. When they arrive, the Printer Shop Owner tries to scare them, but he fails. As Mario tries to tell him he wants buy printer ink the Printer Shop Owner continues to interrupt him until he finally realizes what Mario wants to buy. He then calls Wario to deliver the ink to Mario. Before Mario and Luigi leave the Printer Shop Owner asks them if they would like to buy a printer. He eventually starts rubbing his face across the printer while making weird noises and faces. This creeps Mario and Luigi out so they leave the store. ("Act I Part 2")


The printer shop owner is a fairly nice person overall, but he tends to creep out the people around him with his obsession with his printer, treating it romatically as if the object is an actual person.



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