Police Officers
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Eye Color

Dark Brown


Each other


Mario, Luigi, Peach, Eddy


Police Officers

First Appearance

Act I Part 2

Played By

Daen Olson and Austin Stevenson

The police officers are a couple of cops that arrest Mario, Luigi, and Peach for little to no reason in "Act I Part 2" of Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie.

The officers are later interviewed on YouTube News by Dane Cook as they claim that the arrest was a "terrifying experience".


The MovieEdit

When Mario decides that he doesn't want to teach Peach how to drive anymore, she screams and catches an officer's attention. The officer goes over to Mario and Peach and asks them if there is a problem. Peach says Mario is being a jerk. Another officer appears and the officers start questioning Mario.

When one of the officers ask what Mario was the last thing he ate Mario tells them he had some mushrooms. The other officer pulls out his cell phone and calls the police station, saying they have a "Shroom Addict". The two officers then arrest Mario as Luigi arrives. The officers tell Luigi to back away from the crime scene, but Luigi tells them that there must be a misunderstanding and the officers arrest Luigi too. Peach steps out of the car and tells the officers they can let Mario and Luigi go, but the officers arrest Peach for "aiding the criminal".

Physical DescriptionEdit

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