Morgan using "Drunken Fool"

Pirate Techniques are the techniques used by pirates that give them special powers. They are similar to ninja techniques in that they grant their users powers, but they are typically different in their respective effectiveness.


Cereal TechniquesEdit

Cereal Techniques are typically used by Pirate Crunch and his cereal of the same name.

Fist BlastEdit

Pirate Crunch throws a handful of Pirate Crunch cereal in the face of his opponent, effective only when said cereal is laced with poison, killing the opponent as soon as the poison enters their pores.

Rum TechniquesEdit

Rum Techniques are typically used by Morgan, given his love for rum.

Drunken FoolEdit

By drinking his rum upon activating this technique, Captain Morgan is given temporary invincibility powers similar to those given to Mario or Luigi upon obtaining a Star.

Other TechniquesEdit

Pirate Technique: Super Burning Lava Hot Rum BreathEdit

Pirate Technique: Super Burning Lava Hot Rum Breath is, presumably, a technique in which the user gains burning hot breath by drinking a large amount of rum. Captain Morgan was going to use this technique to finish off Zubashi and Gangles, but accidentally drank himself into another coma while preparing to use the technique.

This attack is similar to Grand Fire Explosion since both Morgan and Zubashi got knocked out before even attacking.


  • It is unknown why Pirate Crunch didn't get poisoned, though he said that he laced his cereal with poison and that using his Fist Blast Cereal Technique, he touches the cereal balls with his bare hands.
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