Also Known As: Pickachu
Gender: Male
Series: Pokémon
Stupid Mario Brothers
Allies: Mario
Ash Ketchum
Enemies: Bowser
Debut: Act 1 Part 2
Conclusion: Act 1 Part 2
Status: Unknown

Pikachu is Ash's main Pokémon, starter Pokémon, and best friend. He is mentioned a few times in the series before his first appearance in the film.


Season OneEdit

Ash receives a letter from Pikachu, which states that he needs to come home immediately. The letter states that Wobbuffet got stuck in the toilet, Charmander set the couch on fire, Jigglypuff blew up in the microwave, and Snorlax killed Brock. ("It came from Ash's Toilet")

Afterwards, UPS delivers a package to Ash. He opens the package that contains a Pokéball, expecting it to contain a Pikachu that he ordered on He opens the Pokéball, but unfortunately, there is no Pikachu inside it. Ash gets angry due to being ripped off by UPS, threatens to report him to his co-workers and mother, and then heads back inside in a huff. ("Special Delivery from a Guy dressed in Brown")

Season TwoEdit

Ash finds out that Brock isn't really dead like Pikachu had said in his letter. Brock explains that he was really in hospital for weeks, scolds Ash for believing Pikachu, and then drags him off to catch wild Pokémon. ("Link's Letter is full of Holes!")

The MovieEdit


Pikachu attacking Bowser

When Ash sees King Bowser, he instantly thinks that he is a Pokemon and sends Pikachu to attack him, right when Bowser was about to battle Mario and Luigi. All Pikachu does is do a Body Slam attack on the Koopa king until he throws him on the ground. Ash then gives up and walks away. Bowser turns back to the battle, only to find that Mario and Luigi have left, when Pikachu pops up; Bowser, however, punches him in the face when he does.

It is unknown what has happened to Pikachu since. ("Act I Part 2")


Ash KetchumEdit

Pikachu has a very loving, close relationship with Ash. They both get along as best friends and is sometimes used by Ash as a weapon against enemies.


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Pikachu has a hatred for Bowser and treats him like all his other enemies. He only has the ability to use a Body Slam attack against him, as revealed in Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Although Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon, he can do many electric moves. The only move he did in Stupid Mario Brothers was Body Slam to attack King Bowser.


  • Audio of the actual anime is taken for Pikachu's voice. None of the actual actors from Stupid Mario Brothers voiced him. The same was done for Yoshi. Making him and Pikachu the only two characters in the series to be voiced through archive audio.
  • In one of the bloopers for ACT I, Dane and Richie are yelling at Julian to get Pikachu from the shed. This was probably meant to shoot this scene.
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