Poker Player 3
Old Shoe
Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Enemies: Luigi
Sophisticated Poker Player
Debut: You Can't Read My Poker Face!
Conclusion: You Can't Read My Poker Face!
Status: Deceased
Portrayer: Matthew Howlett

Old Shoe was a name given by the sophisticated poker player to the angry poker player in the poker tournament Luigi and Wario attend.

His eye patch and mannerisms indicated that he was a pirate.


Season FourEdit

After Wario ends up winning the match, Old Shoe accuses him of cheating and pulls out a gun, threatening to shoot him. The sophisticated poker player then pulls out a gun in an attempt to stop the nonsense, believing that Wario won fair and square. This makes the dealer Sir Drake Saint Jupiter III leave, along with the cowboy. Luigi and Wario follow suit when they have the chance and then shoot each other down. ("You Can't Read My Poker Face!")


Old Shoe seems to be very impatient and has a short temper. He also hates losing due to the fact that he pulls out a gun when he loses.

Old Shoe seems to like either money or poker.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Old Shoe possibly has no skills at all (other than wielding a gun).



It is most likely that Old Shoe hates Luigi since him and Wario won.


Old Shoe obviously has a hatred towards Wario since Luigi and him won the poker game.

Sophisticated Poker PlayerEdit

Old Shoe hates the sophisticated poker player the most out of anyone else in the tournament since they both killed each other.


  • "Old Shoe" is obviously not his real name (unless he legally changed it or if it is just a nickname).
  • He is another character who only appears in one episode.
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