Old Railroad
Located: Real World
Residents: -
First Appearance: -

The Old Railroad is an abandoned railroad that has been visited numerous times in the series.



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Season TwoEdit

The Old Railroad is the location of Bowser's hideout and is visited by Wario, Link, Ness, and Johnny Cyclops in this season.

Stupid Mario Brothers: The MovieEdit

When Snake looks for Liquid, Otacon directs him to the Old Railroad.

When he gets there, Snake shoots Liquid in the chest, believing to have killed him. However, it is later revealed that Liquid was wearing a bullet proof vest and thus, survived Snake's attack.

Season FourEdit


Snake killing Liquid

Snake returns to the Old Railroad once again to finally finish off Liquid and help defeat the Trifecta. In the end, Liquid is shot in the head and killed.

Season FiveEdit

During the war against Ganon's army, the Darkness set up his base of operations near the Old Railroad.


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