Nox Decious
Gender: Male
Series: Oops! We Broke the Table
Stupid Mario Brothers
Stupid Mario World
Home World: Real World
Allies: Ganondorf
Master Gangles
Blaire Vherestorm(formerly)
Scott Masterson
Mr. L
Enemies: Mario
Donkey Kong
Solid Snake
The Darkness
Debut: Oops! We Broke the Table Part I
Conclusion: Stupid Mario World
Status: Deceased
Portrayer: Christopher Anthony Muller
"Merlin's brother was a psychopath. He brought terror into the entire world all for the sake of pleasure."
Link, "Cucoos are more fun than Gerudo Myths"

Nox Decious was one of the main antagonists of Stupid Mario Brothers. He was Merlin's arch-nemesis and younger brother, the grand uncle of Mario and Luigi, one of Ganon's former henchmen, the Darkness' creator and former boss.

He became corrupted by evil when he learned from Merlin that the Chosen One wasn't himself. The two then fought, which ended in Decious donning a mask to cover his burnt face caused by Merlin. Decious' main goal was to take control of Earth and destroy all good and recruited his henchman the Darkness to assist him.

Decious was the main antagonist of Season Two, a supporting antagonist in Season Three, the secondary main antagonist of The Movie, a minor antagonist in Season Four, the secondary antagonist of Season Five, and a supporting antagonist in Stupid Mario World Season 2.



The Scarring of Decious 01

Decious after having his face burnt

Long ago, Merlin and his brother Nox were chosen to decide who would be the Chosen One that would save the world as prophesied. Following the death of their mother, Nox was given her cross, which he valued greatly. Merlin would frequently hide a small shield with Nox's emblem on it for his brother to find, saying that doing so would teach him to be patient and refine his skills. At the same time, Merlin started to develop the first beam sword, saying that one day it would glow as bright as the sun; Nox however, had his doubts that the technology would work.

However, after 4,000 years, Nox, believing that he himself was the Chosen One and tired of playing second fiddle to Merlin, swore allegiance to Ganondorf Dragmire. Manipulating Uther Pendragon, who Merlin believed at the time to be the Chosen One, into betraying his brother, Nox hoped to convince Merlin that the Pendragon family had become corrupt. However, instead of declaring his brother the new Chosen One as Nox had hoped, Merlin declared that Uther's son Arthur to be the Chosen One, much to Nox's frustration.

Eventually, Merlin discovered that Nox was in Ganon's service and confronted him. Deciding that he only wanted control, Nox, after failing to convince Merlin to join him, attacked him. In the ensuing skirmish, Merlin slashed his brother across the face with the Nether Saber, horribly burning him and damaging his voice. Teleporting away, Nox donned a black mask to hide his ruined, burnt face and cast the ancient spell El Nox de la Chateau to create the Darkness, a sentient mass of dark matter and Nox's soon-to-be henchman who then sought out the Stone of Righteousness and bound both the stone and itself to Nox's soul, granting him immortality.

Over a year later, Nox would return to Merlin and would fight him once again. This time however, Nox defeated his brother and thought to have killed him. At some point afterwards, Nox would then destroy most of what remained of Merlin's lineage. He would also destroy the great castle that belonged to their family, leaving it nothing more than a mere wall, where he would reside.


Decious creating the Darkness

975 years later, Nox is now forever referring to himself as Nox Decious. He meets up with King Bowser to discuss Kamek's recent discovery of two children descended from Merlin and Decious. Under King Bowser's orders, Kamek destroyed the plane the two were on with their parents during a family vacation. Luckily, Merlin managed to save the children and transport them to Yoshi's Island. However, Yoshi was able to save both infants and deliver them to Merlin, who proceeded to raise them for the day they would protect the Real World from Ganon and his henchmen. ("The Super Mario Brothers")

Season TwoEdit

The Campfire (5)

Link telling Mario and Luigi about the Darkness by the campfire

"He is the real cause of the black plague of England and nearly destroyed the entire planet."
—Link on Nox Decious

Decious is first identified as a terrible threat to the Real World in Link's conversation with Mario and Luigi at the campfire. After investigating the rumor of Ganon's resurrection, Link journeyed into the desert where he first heard "In the Darkness lies the Truth" from a group of Gerudos. He thinks that the Darkness is referring to the ancient sorcerer Nox Decious, who was defeated in battle by his older brother Merlin. Link's speculation was that Decious was revived by King Bowser and that he, in turn, revived Ganon. ("Cucoos are more fun than Gerudo Myths")

Once he catches up with them, Ness tells the Mushroom Force about how if Decious is the Darkness than the Truth lies within him and to get it out of him, he has to destroy it. He isn't certain of Decious' relationship with Ganon and Bowser, but he does know where he is. Before leaving them, Ness shows them the dark forest, where Decious resides. ("Psychic Powers will only tell you so much")

Ep25 (1)

Decious about to battle the Mushroom Force

Decious makes his first appearance to Mario when the gang reach a clearing in the forest. Luigi launches a fireball at him, but Decious quickly reflects it and eliminates Luigi from the battle instantly. He and Donkey Kong engage in a power struggle, but Decious knocks him out with a strong blow to the forehead. He and Link continuously reflect a ball of energy back and forth before Decious hits him, eliminating him.

He easily pummels Brock and pierces Princess Peach's defenses. As the last two conscious, Mario and Decious battle. Decious defeats the hero in no time. After the battle, Decious explains to Mario his plans to take the world. He also informs Mario that Ganon and Bowser work for him, not vice versa as originally thought. After this, he disappears. ("And then there was Nox Decious")

The Orchard (4)

Wario and Waluigi bowing down to Decious

Leaving the dark forest, Decious begins to take control of the Orchard. There, he is approached by Wario and Waluigi, who wish to serve him as one of his henchmen after hearing how he easily defeated Mario. They respectfully bow down to him, but Decious explains to them that he wouldn't even consider their help since not even Bowser wanted them. They leave in defeat and Decious lets out an evil laugh. However, Wario vows to eventually get his revenge on him for this. ("Three Objects make a Cool Weapon")

Decious was aware that Mario was going to try to defeat him once again, so he had prepared a beam sword. He decided to create a weaker copy of the Black Widow Blade as he didn't think that Mario was worth the wear and tear. Decious planned to use the true saber to defeat the hero. ("Old Friends, New Enemies")

Ep30 (2)

Decious battling Mario

Once Mario enters the Orchard, Decious takes him by surprise. Mario hastily tries to merge the Nether Emblems, but Decious kicks the hilt out of his hand. Determined to stop him, Mario takes out his other beam sword and battles him with it. The two seem to be evenly matched in beam sword combat until Mario smashes his saber into Decious' hilt, making his duplicate explode. Seeing that he no longer has the high ground, Decious uses his dark magic to destroy the plumber's beam sword.

With Mario now weakened, Decious explains his conflict to him. Eventually, Mario is overpowered and is soon being choked by Decious. When he is almost killed by Decious, Wario quickly gathers the Nether Emblems and puts them together to form the Nether Saber. Then he stabs Decious in the back with the Nether Saber, killing him. Mario is confused by this and Wario tells Mario that he only killed Decious so he could kill Mario himself. ("The Most Epic Battle EVER")

Season ThreeEdit

Decious isn't seen in Season Three, his body vanishing after his death, leaving behind his robe and mask..

In the season finale, it is revealed that he is the master of the Darkness, ("The End of the Beginning") who was split from the Stone of Righteousness and possessed Mario to try to kill Wario. ("Remembrance") Merlin also believed that the Darkness would take Decious' form, not realizing that Mario was its most powerful host. ("Old Friends, New Enemies")

The MovieEdit

Picture 3

Decious in Luigi's mind

Decious appears in Luigi's dreams, telling him to join him. Luigi refuses to, screaming at Decious to get out. Later, he appears in Luigi's mind once more and tries to persuade him to join him, but Luigi denies him again. ("Act II Part 2")

Before the Darkness can kill Solid Snake, Luigi appears and briefly battles him with his beam sword to protect Snake. However, the Darkness is able to take Luigi's beam sword as Decious invades his mind once more, but then deals him an intense kick to the stomach. Instead of killing him though, he decides to let Decious take him over.

Mr L

Decious in possession of Luigi's body as Mr. L

Mario shows up and mourns for Luigi. However, Luigi then wakes up, having been possessed by Decious. He announces that he is no longer Luigi and is now Mr. L. The Darkness proceeds to stab Mario with his beam sword. However, Decious and the Darkness get into an argument, with the Darkness saying it only wanted Decious to take over Luigi so it could kill him. The duo then head their separate ways.

Mr. L observes the Darkness' battle against Wario. After Wario "kills" the Darkness, Mr. L says he has served his purpose and he is glad to be rid of him, then walks away. ("Act II Part 3")

Later, Mr. L battles Mario, whose power has been increased by using the Artifact. After being weakened by Mario, Luigi fights back against Decious inside his head. After being choked by Luigi, the soul of Decious is seemingly destroyed for good. ("Act II Part 4")

Season FourEdit


The resurrected Decious in a flashback

Decious was resurrected by Ganon to help destroy the Darkness, whom he knew wouldn't join them. After explaining some things to Wario, Merlin heads off to stop the revival of Decious. However, when he arrives, he realizes that he is too late. ("The Darkness Explains It All")

It is revealed that Decious still cared for his brother and wanted him to join Ganon's side, but he killed him before Decious could even mention it. ("The Super Mario Brothers")

Season Five Edit

Mario Vs Decious

Decious battling Mario

Decious appears after Mario, Wario, and Mona had taken down some of the ninjas. He says that he killed Merlin, but Mario doesn't believe him. Decious gets into a battle with Mario, which ends when the plumber knocks the Black Widow Blade replica out of his hands. When three ninjas restrain Mario, Decious chooses to spare him because Ganon wants to kill Mario himself and departs. The red plumber sends Yoshi to follow Decious and track him down to Ganon's base. While trailing him, Yoshi almost blows his cover when Decious declares his intent to "take a dark dookie" in the woods, disgusting the dinosaur. ("Dark Dookie")

Later on, he appears at a meeting of the Legion of Villains. When Zubashi announces that he is sending a team of ninjas to destroy the Darkness, Decious is disappointed as he thought he would get to destroy the Darkness. ("32 bit stealth training")

When Mario and his best friends arrive to battle the Legion, Decious tells Wario that he will regret betraying him. ("PIRATES VS NINJAS!") After the Mushroom Force falls to the Legion of Villains, the Bay of Darkness shows up. Ganon orders the members of the Legion to attack the Darkness, but they are frozen in place. Then he, along with other members, questions the Darkness' escape plan with the Mushroom Force, only to be reassured by Ganon. ("Shadow Scum VS Ganon....Or Ganondorf...Whatever his name is!")


Decious with Zubashi and Gangles

Decious later meets up with Zubashi and Master Gangles to talk about a plan to take down the Darkness once and for all, instructing them to keep its pirates busy while he finished it off. He gets mad at Zubashi for flushing his Sports Illustrated down the toilet, but accepts Zubashi's offer of Entertainment Weekly's Spielberg edition, which is later revealed to have been stolen from the Darkness. ("An Unexpected? Proposal")

After Blaire Vherestorm is killed by Waluigi after going against Ganon's orders, Decious expresses his anger to Zubashi and Gangles and that he believes his boss to be a fool to have resurrected Blaire. Zubashi reassures Decious that the loyal ninjas won't fail as the traitors did. However, Decious is unconvinced by Zubashi's battle strategy and leaves to get King Bowser in on their plan, telling Zubashi that he'll have orders for them when he returns. It appears that the loss of so many Legion members by the Mushroom Force has taken a toll on Decious' confidence in their victory. ("A "Brief" Meeting")

Decious meets with King Bowser, who refuses to have any part in Decious' plan. Decious tries to convince

Decious arguing with Bowser

Bowser of the Darkness' danger, but Bowser refuses to listen. The two then meet with Ganon, trying to convince him that the loss of their other League members is irrelevant. However, Ganon is unmoved since all of this was a part of his plan. He explains to them that he meant for Pauline to make Wario and Mona leave the Mushroom Force, believing that they are nothing without Wario. However, the second basic thing he was to tell them remains a secret. ("Imported Sunflowers")

Decious regroups with Zubashi and Gangles, informing them of his failure to recruit Bowser into their plan. He then instructs Zubashi and Gangles to train their top ninjas and increase their power tenfold. Zubashi agrees, confident that they will be the greatest ninjas in the world. Decious is unconvinced, but he leaves them to it. Shortly after, Decious catches Donkey Kong and Yoshi trying to sneak into their base. He declares that there is no point in discussing things with the two of them and mortally injures the two with a massive ball of dark energy, laughing triumphantly. ("Not these Ninja's Again!")

Decious then meets with Zubashi and Gangles, who inform him of the success of their training of the ninjas, confident that they will be able to take down the pirates. Decious is pleased and tells the two that he'll tell them when the time is right to begin their attack. He then grants Zubashi and Gangles permission to go to Taco Bell. ("Fantasy Wizard Bullsh*t!") When the two return, Decious declares it time for war and orders them to ready the troops. (""As the Fanboy's say, Only Link can defeat Ganon"!")

Decious battling Wario

When the battle between the ninjas and pirates begins, Decious is spectating from afar. However, when Wario joins the battle, Decious confronts him. The two duel with their beam swords until Decious disarms Wario, who then strikes him with a fireball. Decious remarks on Wario's skills, then hits him with a ball of dark energy, knocking him out. Just as Decious is

Decious and the Darkness killing each other

about to kill Wario, the Darkness intervenes, saying that Decious' fight is with him. Decious and the Darkness clash with their beam swords until disarming one another, then engage in a fistfight. At first, the Darkness is able to overpower Decious, but he is soon able to recover and fight back. After they push each other to their limits, they then crawl over to each other, hold each other in place, call

Decious' and the Darkness' death

their beam swords to each other, and plunge them into one another; the Darkness is able to do so first, but Decious follows right after. With his dying breath, Decious states that Ganon will win in the end, though Darkness doesn't care, satisfied with dying with the knowledge that he killed his former master. Decious manages one last weak laugh, then falls to the ground, dead. Soon after, the Darkness follows suit and dies right next to Decious. ("The Super Mario Brothers")

Stupid Mario World Edit

In Stupid Mario World, Nox Decious is shown when Wrathnar travels back in time with the help of Rosalina to kill Mario as an infant. He informs Decious of Ganon's defeat in the future and his plan to kill Mario to prevent this. In front of the house, Decious and Wrathnar encounter Merlin. When Wrathnar tries to use telekinesis on Merlin, it doesn't work. While Merlin and Decious argue about Decious returned to the house simply because he likes it there and how strong Mario will be, which causes Decious to hesitate, Wrathnar storms inside the house and escapes with the infant Mario. Merlin follows him, but Wrathnar forces Rosalina to teleport them away. Nox and Merlin are left behind, the latter screaming at Decious how he could do this to his own family. (Stupid Mario World)


Originally, like his brother, Nox Decious was a noble, dedicated, respectful, caring, and kind individual who deeply looked up to and respected Merlin, wanting nothing more than to assist him in protecting the world from evil; however, in comparison to his patient elder brother, he was somewhat hasty, impatient, and anxious, shown when he was panicking about losing his mother's cross. He was also quite cynical in comparison to his brother, which graudually increased over time. As time went on, Nox slowly turned to the dark side, growing to be manipulative, conniving, arrogant, and selfish (albeit each with reluctance and regret), entering the service of Ganondorf and influencing Uther into betraying Merlin, all so that he could become the Chosen One he and his brother were seeking. When Merlin confronted him, he concluded that he didn't really want to be the Chosen One, and had actually desired power.

After his defeat by the hands of Merlin and the burning of his face, Decious had forever changed, his personality becoming darker and twisted. In Ganon's service, Decious appears to be a scornful, cold, condescending, prideful, bitter, and arrogant man. Most of the time however, he presented himself as very calm and collected, rarely showing his dark emotions and not even expressing anger when the Darkness betrayed him, instead treating this turn of events with indifference. However, he was incredibly bitter and lost his temper with Mario while dueling with him, and the same happened with his fight with the Darkness. He was also irritable at times, still showing some impatience, and does have somewhat of a temper, such as when Bowser ignorantly disregarded the potential threat of the Darkness, and when an amount of ninjas blindly followed Blaire and how Blaire rushed immediately towards Mario and everyone else without considering the consequences. This may be out of growing increasingly frustrated with Ganon's leadership, and due to Ganon breaking his word to Decious before.

Decious also had a strong amount of pride, refusing to accept Wario and Waluigi's offer to become his servants, considering them to be inferior scum unworthy of his alliance due to their failures under Bowser's employment, and was very confident in his own abilities. He was capable of respecting others who impress him, such as Mario and Wario respectively, viewing them as admirable warriors and worthy opponents. Despite this, Decious did not initially believe that Mario was going to be worth the wear and tear during their first duel, creating a weaker copy of his Black Widow Blade for the fight, intending to use the real one to kill Mario with one final blow to end the battle. Despite this initial plan, Decious didn't end up doing so; he presumably either forgot, or let his pride get the better of him in his battle against Mario, as he put him in a chokehold instead. This resulted in his death at the hands of Wario. After his resurrection, he then learned from this mistake, and stated he would not let the same thing happen again.

However, deep down inside, Nox has shown to believe he was irredeemable, from all he has done in Ganondorf's service and is not as proud of his actions as others may like to believe. The one he expressed this to, was his brother Merlin, when he confronted him at their house, when Merlin told him he did not have to be a slave to Ganon any longer, and asked to rejoin his family. An offer that made Nox considering taking, and probably would have if Wrathnar had not reminded him what Ganon would probably do to him, and reminded Decious's place. He also seems to still have an attachment for things he valued in his life, such as his and Merlin's land, their old castle, and house. The Nether Emblems that he and Merlin possessed, which were The Ronfair Dragon (the small bright red shield) and their mother's cross.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Decious is a powerful wizard of ancient times and is able to use his magic abilities with such skill and proficiency he can defeat various strong fighters, as shown against Mario and his friends, and several other great heroes before them. Decious has many wizard abilities:

  • Immortality: As long as had the Truth Stone, Decious couldn't die unless being stabbed by the Nether Saber. Even after his death, Decious lived on as an immortal soul being able telepathically communicate with living beings.
  • Teleportation: he had the ability to teleport from place to place, much like the Darkness. Decious could teleport himself, or even others from world to world. As he did this to teleport bowser, in and out of the mushroom kingdom when most other portals were blocked.
  • Dark Magic: Decious could conjure up powerful dark energy balls, which are strong enough to knock most enemies out, and if charged powerful enough, could seriously injure and even kill his toughest adversaries. He could launch at a very fast speed, and presumably utilize many different forms as his energy can show to be a different color from time to time. He can also combine his energy balls with electricity. He is even able to create entities of Dark Magic, as he created The Darkness.
  • Telekinesis: He was capable of using an invisible telekinetic "force", he could use this abilities for many uses, he could block oppenents attacks and push them away, pull objects (for example beam swords) towards him, repel enemies powers and/or use them against them, or even strangle them from a distance.
  • Telepathy: He's also a telepath, even in death. He could communicate with the Darkness, and later Luigi even in his dreams, and eventually possess his mind and body. In fact, chances are that since the Darkness can subject others to experiencing dreams, Decious is who he got that from. Using this ability, he was able to subject Luigi to a dream where they'd both be beyond the outside world.

Decious was also a capable fighter able to take on and defeat powerful foes like Mario, Wario, Donkey Kong, Link, and The Darkness (note: it ultimately ended in a draw) in combat. Later, Decious used his grand saber he created known as the Black Widow Blade when in his regular form and the Dark Emerald Blade when he possessed Luigi's body as Mr. L.


  • Decious bares similarities to Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars franchise: Both became corrupted by the influence of an evil manipulator, betrayed their former master, and facially disfigured themselves during a battle with said master, essentially becoming twisted into what they were supposed to prevent.
  • His theme is Dance of the Knights from Sergei Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet. Its brief reprisal in Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie is a different recording, however.
  • Decious' dark magic in Episode 25 is white, but in Episode 30, it is black with a red aura. The reason for this is unknown. However, it can be assumed that he used a different magic than before.
  • "Nox" is Latin for "night" and Decious for "to fall down" or "fall," so his name loosely translates to "Nightfall" or "Night to fall down."
  • Decious' favorite magazine was Sports Ilustrated.
    • He also seems to like Entertainment Weekly.
  • In Episode 63, he told Wario that he would be sorry for betraying him. This meant that the two were probably going to battle in Episode 64, but in the episode, it didn't show them doing so. Instead, it showed Decious next to Ganon and Wario fighting ninjas.
  • Decious had the most appearances as a villain in the series. However, this does not make him the main antagonist of the series. Ganondorf is the series' main antagonist. Decious was sent to do all of these things for Ganondorf.
  • The bloopers for Episode 71 include the "Decious Dance", along with a song which fixed a continuity error: "Lies and Cheats! Steals ninjas away from Ganon! Lies and says he controls Bowser and Ganondorf even though he's controlled by Ganondorf! What a tool!"
  • Decious has used many forms of dark magic before. This dark magic has been: White, black, electric, and a misty red and black.
  • In Episode 25, when Decious said that he was in charge, he really lied so that he could confuse Mario because Ganon was the one who had turned Decious evil.
  • Decious formerly didn't believe beam swords would work, but eventually, he create his own beam swords.
  • Decious held the record of being the character to die the most in the series a total of 3 deaths the first death ,which was his physical death, was being stabbed Wario, the second his soul was destroyed by Luigi and his third and final death at the hands of the Darkness.
  • Decious made a return in Stupid Mario World due to his soul being immortal like Merlin, and there is a masked villain who resembles Decious and possesses what appears to be a beam sword, that appeared in episode 11, but he turns out to be Ganon's son but he could still be his master, or at least a mentor.
    • As the Stupid Mario World season 2 teaser confirmed, he will return in Stupid Mario World and is meeting with Wrathnar, whom time travels to the past to meet up with Decious.
    • After the events of Episode 23 of Stupid Mario World, it's currently unknown if Decious will appear in the present timeline in Stupid Mario World.



Merlin was Decious' older brother.

Thousands of years ago, Merlin and Decious had the duty of deciding upon a Chosen One at the time. After many failures, he believed it to be a man named Arthur Pendragon. However, Decious disagreed with his decision, thinking he could become the Chosen One with Ganondorf's help. However, Merlin tried to convince him to leave Ganondorf. Then Decious started a battle between them, resulting in his face being burned by Merlin's Nether Saber. Decious would then eventually retaliate by destroying nearly everything Merlin stood for, and presumably killed him. However, despite the two having disagreements, Nox genuinely still cares for Merlin and still wanted to rule with him.

Mario and WarioEdit

Decious holds a grudge against both Mario and Wario for being the Chosen Ones. He fights Mario three times, once as Mr. L, each time with the intention of killing him. His hatred for Wario also comes from the fact that Wario killed him in their first encounter, betraying him after pledging his allegiance to him, even though it was Decious who turned him down. He has a deep amount of respect for them as warriors as they both impressed him in combat, and he complimented their skills before defeating them.

The DarknessEdit

Nox Decious created the Darkness as a means to bind the Truth Stone to his soul. When the Darkness served him, he looked down at him as inferior and did not take him seriously when he announced his intent to betray him. However, with the threat of the Darkness' pirate army, Decious has come to acknowledge him as a threat.

Appearances outside Stupid Mario BrothersEdit


The original version of the scene

Before Stupid Mario Brothers, Decious was a character who first appeared as the main antagonist of the two King Arthur sequels, Oops! We Broke the Table! Parts I and II, where his backstory and motives differed slightly. Nox had no affiliation with Ganondorf and presumably rebelled against Merlin entirely on his own accord. The scarring of his face played out differently as well; Nox is seen to be wielding a sword and the scene takes place in a field rather than a forest. The sequence is also shot differently, with several different, more cinematic camera angles and a faster pace. Another clip from Oops! We Broke the Table! exists on the Richalvarez channel, a battle between Decious and Sir Tristian.

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