Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 55

Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 55

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season 4, Episode 55
Stupid Mario Brothers Episode 55
Air date April 1, 2011
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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The Great Purple Hope!
The Trifecta!

Where Did All These Ninjas Come From?


Ryu arrives on the Battlefield, only to be met by ninjas including a figure called Zubashi who use their special techniques but he defeats them regardless.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi (Luigi is annoyed at their past selves for not dealing with the ninjas when they had the chance) have a ninja infestation at their house. Ryu then comes and defeats them which impresses the brothers. Later Mario, Luigi, Ryu, Ness, Snake and Wario talk about the Trifecta: Blare (The Leader), Ken and Liquid Snake and to get ready for them, Ryu decides to train them. Later on Wario is inside the house telling a comatose Waluigi a bedtime story but Wario get angry as Waluigi does not react to the story.

At the Mailbox, Donkey Kong does some dance moves and impresses a Businessman and goes into business with him however he however does not take Yoshi as he does not work with dinosaurs.

Meanwhile at Professor Oak's House, he says that he needs to drive the car for a least a week to determine who sucks the most and Brock suspects that he was taking advantage of them. The Professor however claims this is against child labour laws which quiets Brock.

At the end, Blare talks about his plan with Liquid Snake and Ken knowing Ryu will train the group. Also revealing he rescued and revived Liquid after Snake killed him.

(It should be note that throughout the episode, ninjas have been doing random and funny things in the background something that would happen for all the following episodes.)




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