City Ninja
Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Allies: Zubashi
Master Gangles
Enemies: Wario
Debut: Episode 74
Conclusion: Episode 74
Status: Deceased
Portrayer: Eric Porter
Ninja: "You lose, Wario. Two of your fighters are injured, and two others can't wake up... and you're too stupid to realize what's at stake."
Wario: "You came to tell me that?"
Ninja: "Hahaha, I just wanted to see your stupid face when I told you that everyone you care about will die."
— Wario flags down the ninja and asks him why he was watching.

This ninja was found stalking Wario in the city after he departed from the group. Wario sees him in the distance and chases him down. After the ninja reveals Ganondorf's plans to merge the real world with the Dark Realm and taunts Wario, Wario snaps his neck and returns to help out his friends.

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