Ness honorably holding up his bat

Ness' bat is Ness' choice of weapon, which he uses throughout the series.


Season TwoEdit

In "How it's done in Hyrule!", Ness first uses his bat and to hit the ball that Mario and Luigi were using while playing baseball. This is Ness' only use of the bat in Season Two.


Ness with Link and Johnny Cyclops, holding up his bat

It is seen and mentioned in the episode "Is it "Kung Pow" or Stupid Mario?", where Ness questions to Johnny Cyclops where his bat is, along with Link wondering where his sword and shield is. Johnny reveals that they were simply taken by security in Safeway. But he gets it back after being teleported out of Safeway.

The MovieEdit

Ness vs Darkness

Ness attacking the Darkness with his bat

In "Act II Part 2," Ness later uses it when he tries to attack the Darkness, but despite shooting PK Thunder and his lunge with the bat, he doesn't defeat him. Instead, he leaves, promising that he will get what he deserves.

Operation: Blind StormEdit

The bat appears at the beginning when Solid Snake and Ness are seen in the battlefield picking up the Darkness' hat, which he left behind in the film.

Season FourEdit

The bat ends up getting stolen by Mario and Luigi to give to the Mafia. However, it is eventually given back.

Later, Ness uses the bat in battle against some ninjas.

Season FiveEdit


Ness leaving, with bat in hand

Ness continues using the bat, using it in battle at several points. He is last seen holding the bat as he leaves after meditating.

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