Dr. Naomi Hunter
Also Known As: Naomi
Dr. Naomi
Gender: Female
Series: Metal Gear Solid
Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Mario
Donkey Kong
Solid Snake
Enemies: Liquid Snake
Debut: 32 bit stealth training
Conclusion: The Super Mario Brothers
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Shannon Kiely

Dr. Naomi Hunter is a character that appears in Season Five. She is secretly in love with Solid Snake until the final episode when she reveals that she loves him.



During the Rhodesian Civil War, Naomi's parents were killed. She was raised by Frank Jaeger, unbeknownst to her the very man who killed them. Naomi never knew her true name, parents, or ethnic origin; she became interested in genetics and nanotechnology in an effort to uncover this information. In the 1980s, with the help of Big Boss, she gained access to the United States, where she later achieved her doctorate in genetics, specializing in nanotechnology-based gene therapy.

Season FiveEdit

Naomi helps Mario and Luigi out by bringing Solid Snake back to life. She explains to him on how he was brought back to life gives pills to help him out. Afterwards, Naomi meets up with Snake about his progress. She tells him not to stress out too much to make the pills generally more effective. Naomi then gives Snake advice on how to control it, to which he gladly accepts.

Later, Naomi meets up with Snake again about how he is doing, the battle, and his supply of pills. She then retells Snake about controlling his stress, which he yet again reassures.

When Snake is shot and almost killed by Blaire, Naomi is able to save him. However, she informs him and Wario that, unfortunately, Snake's injury will render him incapable of fighting for the rest of the war.

When Wario is mortally injured by Nox Decious, Mona takes him to Naomi for medical attention. Naomi reports that Wario has several broken bones and she has to check for internal bleeding. She asks Mona to leave, but she refuses.


Solid Snake and Naomi kissing

Naomi is able to save Wario, but he has yet to wake up. Seeing Mona cry over Wario inspires Naomi to confess her feelings to Solid Snake and the two of them kiss passionately.


In the ending montage, Naomi is shown to be still making out with Snake.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Naomi has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has an attractive and petite figure.


Naomi shows genuine concern for Solid Snake's personal welfare and in the end, she reveals that she loves him when she kisses him.

Since she hasn't been shown to interact with any other characters except Wario and Mona, it can be assumed that Naomi is generally considerate.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

  • Medicine: Naomi's knowledge of gene therapy and nanotechnology has allowed her to revive Solid Snake. She also gave him pills to stop aging and suppress FOXDIE.


  • FOXDIE suppression pills: Naomi's own personal blend of pills were created to suppress FOXDIE and prevent Solid Snake's aging.
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