Merlin's Table 01
Merlin's Table
First Appearance: Arthur vs. the Druids vs. the Grail

Merlin's Table is a location featured in Stupid Mario Brothers and the King Arthur series, being occupied by Merlin in both instances. Large, round, and made of marble, the table is primarily used by Merlin as a meeting area for his apprentices, where more serious conversations are held. It is also where the powerful Nether Saber, the first of many beam swords, was forged.



Sometime around or before the 21st century, Merlin was driven from his domicile by rodents and relocated to an old barn. Under the alias of Nilrem, Merlin struck a deal with Wario, whose side of the trade was to exterminate the table's rat infestation, which he accomplished. Following this, Merlin returned to his table and lived there until he was killed by Ganon.

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  • The location itself has been used by different characters in various situations, presumably intended not to be the same table.
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