Mario's Backyard 04
Mario's Backyard
Located: Near the battlefield
First Appearance: Tired of the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario's backyard is located behind Mario's house and has a trampoline. Mario and Luigi hang out there quite a lot.



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Season OneEdit

Mario's backyard first appears in "Tired of the Mushroom Kingdom," where Wario confronts Mario and Luigi, wanting them to come with him back to the Mushroom Kingdom, under Bowser's orders.

In the episode "Special Delivery from a Guy dressed in Brown," UPS went to Mario's backyard to give the brothers their package after his battle with FedEx.

In "Old Friends, New Enemies," Link (who had gotten lost in the forest) was found by Ash, who told him that the forest is a quarter-mile wide in Mario's backyard, much to his surprise. Although this is actually a dream, it is unknown whether or not this fact is real.

Season TwoEdit

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Season ThreeEdit

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The MovieEdit

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Operation: Blind StormEdit

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Season FourEdit

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