Also Known As: Super Mario
The Chosen One
Fire Mario
"Santa Claus"
"The Fatass in the Red Suit"
Gender: Male
Series: Super Mario Brothers
Stupid Mario Brothers
That Stupid Video Game Show
The Plumber Knight Returns
Stupid Mario World
Home World: Mushroom Kingdom
Allies: Luigi
Donkey Kong
Ash Ketchum
Professor Oak
Solid Snake
Johnny Cyclops
Diddy Kong
The Darkness
Enemies: Ganondorf
Nox Decious
Scott Masterson
Blaire Vherestorm
Tommy Vercetti
Liquid Snake
Mr. L
Crazy Fan
Printer Shop Owner
Dance Critic
Police Officers
Appearances: Season One
Season Two
Season Three
The Movie
Operation: Blind Storm
The Interactive Adventure
Season Four
Season Five
Debut: Tired of the Mushroom Kingdom
Conclusion: Stupid Mario Brothers: Legacy
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Richard Michael Alvarez
"Well, well, well. If it isn't the great Super Mario."
Nox Decious

Mario is the titular protagonist of Stupid Mario Brothers, That Stupid Video Game Show, and The Plumber Knight Returns. He is the leader of the Mushroom Force. He and Wario both hold the title of Chosen One, originally thought by Merlin to be possessed by Arthur. Mario is, along with his younger brother Luigi, a former plumber, superhero, and former resident of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario was born in the Mushroom Kingdom. Soon, he and Luigi would save the day from Bowser on a regular basis. They moved to the Real World because Mario grew tired of saving Peach from Bowser and going through his castles all the time.

In the Real World, Mario and Luigi spend their time relaxing and having fun. Bowser promptly hired his henchman Wario (and eventually, Waluigi) to bring the Mario Brothers back to the Mushroom Kingdom with them by force. However, the duo refused to return and continued their ways of having fun in the Real World. Mario would later become the lead singer of Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms and make several best friends along the way.



Mario and his brother Luigi are the last living descendants of the legendary wizard Merlin.

On a family vacation, their plane was blown up by Kamek on King Bowser and Nox Decious' orders. Thankfully, Merlin was able to rescue the infants, but unfortunately, he was unable to save their parents.

Yoshi with Mario and Luigi as infants

Merlin teleported the infants to Yoshi's Island, where Yoshi found them and brought them back to him. Merlin then gifted the two brothers with their signature hats, and had them raised in the Real World.

Stupid Mario Bros AnimatedEdit

In the Mushroom Kingdom, they fought against the forces of evil, including Bowser.

After saving the day many times, the Mario Brothers decided to take a well-deserved vacation in the Real World. They managed to purchase a home and began to relax and have fun; however, they were completely unaware that Merlin, the one who raised them, was always keeping a watchful eye on them.

Season OneEdit

Ep1 (4)

Wario trying to convince Mario and Luigi to return to the Mushroom Kingdom with him

Mario and Luigi receive a letter from King Bowser, who declares he has kidnapped Peach and taken over the Mushroom Kingdom once again. However, the two brothers refuse to return and continue taking a vacation in the Real World, irritated with always having to save Peach and defeat Bowser.

Throughout the season, they are continuously being bothered by Bowser's letters and Wario's attempts to return them to the Mushroom Kingdom. After Mario gets annoyed once again by a letter from Bowser (who tells him and Luigi that he has kidnapped Peach again and that they cannot stop him), Mario decides to go look for some super mushrooms with Luigi rather than saving her, thus ignoring the letter. After finding some, they are rudely interrupted by Wario, who had been sent by Bowser to take them back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario refuses, saying that he is sick of saving Peach as he briefly tugs at Luigi by his overalls in frustration. He tells Wario that he can inform Bowser that he and Luigi are not coming and Luigi agrees, saying, "Yeah! What Mario said! Hmph!". Due to the cold, Wario tells the brothers to come inside with him to talk the matter over. In Wario's house, Wario orders Mario and Luigi to come with him to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario tells Wario that he is tired of his enemies constantly interrupting his vacations and trying to mess it up for their own amusement and asks Wario to get Link to rescue Peach for a change. But Luigi tells Mario that Link has his own problems, but Mario doesn't care and makes it clear that he and Luigi are staying in the Real World. Wario tells them that Bowser figured they would say that, so he had told Wario to fight them just in case. Unfazed, Mario wishes Wario good luck since he and Luigi just beat Sonic in the Olympic Games, to which Luigi says, "Yeah! What Mario said! Again!". Wario laughs and says that Sonic is past his prime and is slower than a "mangled Goomba", so the brothers' beating him wouldn't count or mean anything. Offened, Mario calls Wario a "son of a Goomba" and says he will never take them alive. He manages to distract him by pointing at nothing and asking, "What's that over there?!" and as Wario turns to look, Mario and Luigi immediately get up and escape while screaming. This makes an enraged Wario promise to return to get them someday as he lets out an evil laugh. ("Tired of the Mushroom Kingdom")

After receiving another letter from Bowser (who is starting to get bored without them), Mario and Luigi go home to play Wii Tennis on the couch. However, they get into an argument after Mario insults Luigi's Wii Tennis abilities. Fed up with Mario's arrogance, Luigi leaves and joins up with Wario. During this time, Mario starts to miss him and soon regrets his rudeness toward him earlier. ("A Tale of Two Brothers")

Ep3 (1)

Mario and Luigi watching The Lord of the Rings

After Wario gets tired of Luigi being around, he convinces him to go back to Mario. Once the brothers receive a third letter from Bowser, they proceed to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. During the films, Mario doesn't stop talking and crying, inadvertently ruining Luigi's first experience with the films. Then Mario cruelly jokes about Aragorn's death since Luigi was unable to tell what happened and then wonders what Wario watches. ("One Ring that is better than a Compass")

"I'm going to make you wish you never left the Mushroom Kingdom."
—Waluigi to Mario and Luigi.
Mario and Luigi Prepare

Mario and Luigi preparing to battle Wario and Waluigi

After cleaning out Donkey Kong's sink after he urinates in it, Mario talks about how horrible of a roommate Donkey is with Luigi. Then they decide to go play soccer. Mario easily wins the soccer match and gloats in victory until Luigi points out that Wario and another person is approaching them. It is Wario with his younger brother and new henchman and sidekick Waluigi, whom Wario introduces the Mario Brothers to. ("Wario's New Partner likes Purple")

Ep5 (1)

Mario and Luigi battling Wario and Waluigi

Mario and Luigi begin their first battle with Wario and Waluigi. After a long battle, Mario finally manages to defeat them with two massive fireballs. Mario tells them they are going to stay in the Real World while Wario and Waluigi refuse and leave. After the battle, Mario decides to go get a pizza with Luigi. ("Make Fireballs, Not Love!")

"Nobody likes you, Ash!"
—Mario to Ash in "Why catch them All?"
Meeting Ash

Mario and Luigi meeting Ash

After receiving yet another letter from King Bowser, Mario and Luigi decide to grow their mustaches back, but shave them off soon after. Then Mario and Luigi decide to ride their go-kart, which is later stopped when a ball falls in front of it. Mario and Luigi find someone with a hat hiding behind a tree. After dancing around to the Pokémon theme song, he introduces himself as Ash Ketchum, who thought that Mario and Luigi were rare Pokémon and tried to catch them in his Pokéball. Mario tells Ash to leave and stop bothering them, forever remembering Ash as the one he hates most. ("Why catch them All?")

Afterwards, Mario and Luigi decide to form a rock band, which they hold auditions for. They turn down Ash when he tries to play the Pokéflute, but Wario and Waluigi are accepted. Mario does lead vocals and guitar, Luigi plays rock band drums, Wario plays guitar, and Waluigi plays keyboard. After rehearsing and parodying several songs, Mario ends the band and leaves due to extreme boredom. ("A Band that is better than the Jonas Brothers!")

Later, Mario and Luigi hang out at the mailbox when Ash walks up to get his mail. He waves at them and they wave back; however, when he turns his head, they show disgust. After reading a letter from Pikachu, they are asked by Ash if they would plunge his toilet with promises of pizzas, sodas, etc. Mario agrees and the trio proceed to randomly dance their way to Ash's house to "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind & Fire. After arriving, Mario wonders how to plunge since he and Luigi haven't done it for many years. After numerous attempts, the Mario Brothers finally get Wobbuffet out of the toilet, but decide to quit their jobs as plumbers due to the hassle. They ask Ash for their pizza when he reveals that he lied to them about it. Angered with Ash, Mario and Luigi storm out and begin to find new jobs. ("It came from Ash's Toilet")

Mario and Luigi begin their search for new jobs, starting with a printer store. The owner is borderline insane, but they still want the job. Their request is shot down when they discover Wario and Waluigi already have the job and they tease the Mario Brothers about it. As they leave, the Dance Critic asks the two to dance for her and pushes them a short distance away from her so they can do so. After dancing to "Apache (Jump on It)" by the Sugarhill Gang, they are immediately shooed away by the Dance Critic since she did not like their dancing skills after all. They go to RMA Games, where they speak with Bob, Joe, Terence, and Phillip to become game designers and pitch their idea of Super Mario Brothers. Unfortunately, they are once again turned down and shunned. In the end, Mario and Luigi do not get a job, so they decide to go back to the way things were. ("Real Jobs Suck")

Ep10 (1)

Donkey Kong believing that Mario and Luigi stole his bananas

Afterwards, Mario and Luigi get some bananas from the RMA Fruit Stand, but they are chased by Donkey Kong since he believes they stole his bananas after receiving a letter from Diddy Kong stating that two plumbers stole the bananas and that Donkey has to find and retrieve them immediately.

When Donkey Kong accuses Mario and Luigi of stealing his bananas and tells them to prepare to face his "DK wrath", a scared Luigi tells him they got the bananas at the RMA Fruit Stand and didn't steal Donkey Kong's at all. Unfortunately, he doesn't believe them, convinced that they are lying, and prepares to chase them. Mario and Luigi scream in terror as they throw away their bananas and run away from the infuriated gorilla while flailing their arms.

Sooner or later, Mario and Luigi hide behind the front of a car and remain there until Donkey Kong appears to have lost them. However, before they can get out of their hiding spot, Donkey appears out of nowhere and scares Mario and Luigi, who proceed to run away from the gorilla once again.

Stupid Mario Brothers A Monkey for your Thoughts Screenshot

Mario and Luigi trying to hide from Donkey Kong

Throughout most of the episode, Donkey Kong begins chasing the Mario Brothers all over the place.

Eventually, Donkey manages to corner Mario and Luigi and prepares to kill them while screeching as they both scream in fear. However, before he can do so, Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong notice the UPS man arriving with another letter. The letter turns out to once again be from Diddy Kong, who tells Donkey that Wario and Waluigi are really responsible for stealing the bananas, adds not to chase Mario and Luigi around as it would be stupid, and bids Donkey Kong farewell. Turning to the Mario Brothers, Donkey tries to apologize for chasing them while admitting that he was wrong to think they stole his bananas, but Mario angrily refuses, orders the gorilla to get out of his face and leaves with Luigi (who agrees with his brother and leaves with him), thus making Donkey Kong feel bad as he hangs his head in sadness and sighs. ("A Monkey for your Thoughts?")

Mario and Luigi ride their karts until Wario and Waluigi show up and have a race with them. Luigi eliminates Waluigi with a banana peel that makes him fall off the back of his kart while Wario takes Luigi out with a fireball. In the end, Mario and Wario crash and prepare to fight. However, Mario decides it isn't worth it and instead leaves him to Donkey Kong. ("Stupid Mario Kart")

Afterwards, Mario and Luigi decide to go outside. Wario and Waluigi, who didn't get their snacks, state that there will be no attempts to take them back to the the Mushroom Kingdom for the day. This makes Mario and Luigi become jubilant and Mario leaves with his brother happily. ("Stupid Wario Brothers and No Snacks")

The Mario Brothers are sitting on a trampoline, talking about the latest Super Smash Brothers Brawl, which Mario hates. Mario then feels like something is out of balance in the Mushroom Kingdom and begins to worry. After playing a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, they get a big package from UPS. Mario and Luigi try to figure out what is inside the box while believing that it could be a trap. ("Special Delivery from a Guy dressed in Brown")

Stupid Mario Brothers Peach Yelling at Mario

Mario gets scolded by Peach for not saving her from Bowser

Mario is shocked the most when the thing inside the box turns out to be Princess Peach. After she screams at Mario for leaving her behind and not bothering to save her from Bowser, he explains his reasons why he did not save her this time. After the battle, Mario decide he and Luigi need to train for their brawl with Wario and Waluigi since Peach is now in the Real World. Then they leave the princess to go train for the final brawl while she is left in confusion and shock as she asks the brothers where they are going. After training, Mario and Luigi confront Wario and Waluigi for their epic battle. ("The Final Countdown until the next Countdown")

"You have everything, Mario: Your brother, your princess, and your fame! I have nothing! No one cares about me except Bowser! When I'm with him, he sees potential. He knows I can accomplish great things."
—Wario to Mario, after everyone else in their battle has been eliminated.

Donkey Kong and Ash joining Mario to battle Wario, Waluigi, and FedEx

Mario and Luigi begin their battle with Wario and Waluigi. They throw a massive fireball at Luigi, leaving Mario by himself. Fortunately, Donkey Kong and Ash show up and help him out. Later, it becomes a one-on-one between Mario and Wario. Wario tells Mario he has nothing and Mario tries to convince him that Bowser is really using him. However, Wario doesn't believe it and is still convinced that Bowser likes him. Since there is no other way to get to Wario, the two draw their beam swords and fight.

In the end, Mario is about get killed off by Wario, who is standing over Mario and proclaiming himself to be the winner. Suddenly, Princess Peach knocks Wario out with her umbrella, saving her lover before Wario could finish him. After the battle, he gets a letter from Link telling him that "in the Darkness lies the Truth." ("Stupid Smash Brothers")

Season TwoEdit


Mario and Luigi trying to return to the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario and Luigi decide that they need to begin their journey by returning to the Mushroom Kingdom. The brothers return to the warp pipe and try to use it. Unfortunately, neither of them can get through. ("Link's Letter is full of Holes!")

Mario decides to find Ash to use his warp pipe to go to Kanto so they can travel to Hyrule. Finally, he and Luigi find Ash and tell him the situation, so he leads them to the warp pipe. However, they figure out that his warp pipe isn't working either. Because of this, Mario starts to believe there is nothing they can do about it. ("Draino won't unclog these Pipes")


Mario and Luigi facing Wario and Waluigi in a soccer match on the soccer field

After failing to get to the other world, Mario is unhappy with himself and says that they shouldn't have left. Donkey Kong joins the trio and Mario tries to be optimistic. He decides that he will now protect the Real World from the upcoming threat. Wario and Waluigi, who were recently fired by King Bowser for their constant failures, arrive on the scene and are very unhappy. ("Wario has another Bad Day")

Wario and Waluigi are seeking revenge for Mario and Luigi getting them fired by Bowser and challenge them in a soccer match. The Mario Brothers get ahead so their arch-rivals resort to picking the ball up and running with it. Wario's arguing gets them both red cards. Mario and Luigi win and wonder if Wario will return to battle them again. As they question the letter, Link appears to explain the riddle and the events going on around them. ("Soccer will solve all your Problems")


Link speaking to Mario and Luigi at the campfire

That night, Link builds a campfire on top of an ancient burial ground. The trio sit there and he tells them that the riddle refers to a man named Nox Decious, who had attempted to destroy the Real World over 1,000 years ago. Before he brought Ganondorf back to life, Decious was revived by King Bowser. He tells them that they have to defeat him and should train for the upcoming battle. ("Cucoos are more fun than Gerudo Myths")

Later, Mario wakes up to train with Luigi and Link, but when he gets outside, he sees Link giving him an odd look. Mario then finds himself wearing his brother's clothes. Then Luigi steps outside wearing his clothes. The two begin to fight until Link convinces them that red and green are both wonderful colors. He tells them that the first part of training is hand-to-hand combat and takes them inside to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl. While playing the game, Link ends up winning, much to Mario and Luigi's extreme annoyance. ("A Day in the life of Mario")

Sick Mario

A sick Mario telling Peach to go to the concert and tell Ash that he hates him

Scott Masterson shows up to manage Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms. He reunites the band and forcibly books a concert for the afternoon. Scott tells Mario and Luigi to find new members of the band and takes care of Wario and Waluigi. Ash re-auditions for the band, playing guitar, and manages to get into the band. Tiring of auditions, Mario invites Link in without prior experience. Mario eats some bad mushrooms and as a result, becomes very sick. He calls Luigi on his mobile phone and informs him that he is sick and wants him to tell Ash he hates him. Mario also convinces Peach to go to the concert and do the same. At the end of the concert, Mario calls Ash and tells him personally that he hates him. ("Who is Scott Masterson?")

Afterwards, Link teaches Mario and Luigi how to survive in the wilderness, but they continuously fall asleep as he pesters Bob and Joe by entering their house and fishing in their pool unsuccessfully. Link decides to end training early, so they decide to relax by watching The Lord of the Rings in Bob and Joe's house. However, Mario and Luigi don't find it enjoyable as he criticizes several aspects of the film. The duo leave and Bob and Joe show up afterwards. Eventually, they give Link a black eye and Mario says he deserves it for insulting The Lord of the Rings. When Ness arrives, Mario and Luigi play baseball in front of him. ("How it's done in Hyrule!")

Ness tells everyone about Nox Decious and explains that the Truth inside Decious makes him invincible, so in order to kill him, the Truth Stone must be removed. Mario suggests the group battle him immediately so that Ness shows them where Decious is. However, Ness ends up leaving later on because he is a child and too young to face Decious. ("Psychic Powers will only tell you so much")

Decious Fight

Mario launching fireballs at Nox Decious in the battle

Mario, Luigi, and the others arrive to battle Decious. However, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, Link, and Brock are soon eliminated with a single fireball reflection created by Decious. Sooner or later, Mario is defeated and crawls towards Decious, who informs Mario that Ganon and Bowser work for him, not vice versa. Mario then passes out and Decious disappears. ("And then there was Nox Decious")

Ness finds out that Decious is immortal due to the Truth being contained inside and the only way to stop is to gather the Nether Emblems to create the Nether Saber. Mario decides that he will battle Decious alone, both to keep the others safe and to regain his pride. Mario, Luigi, and Peach set off to find the Nether Cross. Donkey Kong and Brock manage to find the Nether Shield together and give it to Mario. ("Three Objects make a Cool Weapon")

Link and Ness find the Nether Hilt and give it to Mario at some point. ("Is it "Kung Pow" or Stupid Mario?")

180px-Nether Emblems (2)-1-

Mario displaying the Shield, one of the three items to the Nether Emblems

Later, Mario, Luigi, and Peach are looking for the Nether Cross, when Mario and Peach end up in an argument. However, Mario eventually decides to apologize and complement the cake she had made for him. Things go back to normal for them and they go to the fire to relax. Mario remembers the fire being built on an ancient burial ground, so he begins to dig in the ash. There, Mario finds where the Nether Cross once was; however, Waluigi had already taken it. ("Well excuse me PRINCESS!")

Ep29 (2)

Mario and Luigi encountering Waluigi

The Mario Brothers meet Waluigi with the Nether Cross hanging out of his pocket. Waluigi assures them that he doesn't mean to trouble them and that he is no longer with them. Mario notices the cross and takes it before learning that Waluigi has no idea what it does. The red hero snatches it and runs off to battle Decious while Luigi battles Waluigi in a duel. The duel ends without injury and Waluigi then leaves, promising not to return. ("Two Tall Thin Men have a Fight!")

Ep30 (2)

Mario battling Decious in the Orchard

Mario travels to the Orchard, where Decious awaits him. He tries to reconstruct the Nether Saber, but Decious stops him. Mario battles him with his normal beam sword and the two have a battle; unfortunately, Mario's beam sword ends up getting destroyed by Decious afterwards. Although he fights well, Decious manages to overcome Mario in the end and prepares to kill him. Suddenly, Wario arrives and picks up the pieces of the Nether Saber. Quickly, he puts it together and kills Decious with it, thus saving Mario. Confused and shocked, Mario asks Wario why he saved him and Wario reveals that he only killed Decious so he can kill Mario himself. ("The Most Epic Battle EVER")

Season ThreeEdit

Wario VS Mario

Wario battling the Darkness as it uses Mario's body for a vessel

The Darkness leaves Nox Decious and latches onto the most powerful person nearby. Mario becomes filled with "rage, uncontrollable rage." The Darkness fills him, takes control, and steals Wario's saber. Wario becomes visibly afraid and the two begin to battle. During the battle, the Darkness overpowers Wario, but eventually, Wario manages to force push Mario away. The Darkness leaves him, taking half of Mario's spirit in the process, and Mario doesn't remember the events that took place while Darkness was in him. He is also very weak as a result of Darkness taking part of his spirit.

During the battle, Mario tries to dodges Wario's saber's swings, but he falls to the ground. Caught, he is about to die until Merlin shuts the Nether Saber off to save Mario and stall Wario. While Wario shouts at the saber, the red hero manages to make a clean escape. Later on, the red hero is extremely tired from his battle and falls down due to lack of power. Later, Luigi, Ash, and Brock find and carry his body back to the house to receover. 12 hours later, Mario wakes up and begins by telling Ash he hates him. ("This time, It's Personal!") ("Remembrance")

Ep32 Mario Luigi

Luigi explaining that Link drank the spoiled milk

When Link drinks the spoiled milk in the fridge, Luigi carries him to the bed where he can recover. Mario tells his brother he is feeling better and gets up to avoid awkwardly laying next to him. Since Luigi blames Mario for this, he gets into a fight with him. However, Mario ends up breaking the fourth wall when he reassures his brother that Link will be fine, but may be out for the rest of Season Three. Once again, Ash breaks the fourth wall by saying that the fans will be very unhappy. Later, Mario tells Luigi he wasn't the one who killed Decious and that it was Wario, only for him to try to kill Mario himself, which failed when Princess Peach knocked him out with her umbrella, saving Mario. He tells Luigi that now they need to start finding Wario and stop him before the Nether Saber is recharged. Then Mario goes outside to listen and dance to some music until he is stopped by a mysterious voice. After that, Mario resumes dancing. ("Like Hyrule, but not")

"You see, Mario? This time, it was Solid Snake!"
Luigi to Mario when they find Solid Snake
Basketball Battle

Mario and Luigi greeting Solid Snake

Mario and Luigi arrive at the mailbox after breaking the fourth wall several times, just to find a letter from Sonic, stating his superiority to the brothers. Mario tells his brother the reason why he came back late yesterday was because of a strange voice telling him to be careful of Wario. The Mario Brothers decide to run up that hill, but it took more energy since they haven't done it in a while. Mario then points out Luigi's hair and tells him that something about him looks different, which Ash points out looks different. Solid Snake, who was sent on a mission to help eliminate the Darkness, runs into Mario and Luigi. Mario asks him if he wants to basketball and Snake accepts. ("Metal Gear Stupid")

Mario and Luigi team up against Ash and Solid Snake to play basketball. Snake is unaware of how to play the game, but after contacting Otacon, he is finally able to win. ("Basketball Diaries")


Mario discovering Wario's saber in his pocket

Afterwards, Solid Snake uses his Codec to call Mario by hacking into his iPod. He asks Mario for backup when a paintball player that he believes to be a Genome soldier comes towards him, but the plumber doesn't know anything about real weapons and leaves it to Solid Snake. After this, Mario decides to spend the day outside. Luigi asks Mario why he hasn't been taking anything seriously since the battle with Decious. He then points out that Mario isn't usually so exhausted after fights. Mario says that Decious destroyed his saber, but then Luigi points out the saber in his back pocket, which is the one he stole from Wario while under the Darkness' possession. Mario struggles to remember how he got it. ("Snake VS Guard")

Later, Mario and Luigi are inside their house. Luigi tells Mario to try to recount what happened, but his brother says that something dark is trying to keep him from remembering. Suddenly, he recounts the events and realizes that the Darkness possessed him. He promises that it won't happen again. ("Remembrance")

Ep37 (1)

Mario and Merlin speaking with each other in the Abandoned Shed

Mario makes his way to the Abandoned Shed, where he finds his ancestor Merlin. Merlin promises to tell Mario everything he can about what happened at the Orchard. He tells the story of his battle with Decious. He also tells him that Decious did not die, but was instead unconscious for a whole year. This made him realize that he was mortal, so he studied the Truth Stone intensely. He explains that Decious ironically wanted to be the Chosen One. He also tells him that the Darkness would take the form of the strongest being it has possessed, meaning that it would most likely look like Decious.

As Mario prepares to leave, he asks who the Chosen One was. Merlin believed it was King Arthur, but he only came close and did not rid the world of evil. He then tells of a second Chosen One and confirms that Mario is one of the two, and that he will learn the other "all in good time" and then Mario leaves. He meets up with Luigi and the two agree to not do a thing. The two run into Princess Peach, who has gotten a job at Carl's Jr. Mario criticizes her choice in workplace. Then he and Luigi make up their minds to find Waluigi so they can fight Wario. ("Old Friends, New Enemies")

The Mario Brothers begin to hunt to find some help. Solid Snake calls them by Codec to ask if he can help, but Mario tells him that not much can be done. Snake begins to feel useless, but Mario assures him that he'll let him know if he can do anything. When Ash brings Solid Snake the Nether Saber, he calls Mario again and tells him he has the Nether Saber. Mario considers that Wario may take the Nether Saber and that would mean that they would have no chance of getting the Truth Stone from him. So Mario asks Solid Snake to destroy it. ("The Advent of Snake's Mission")

Later, Mario and Luigi stop by the mailbox to see if they have any letters. There is a letter from Brock, telling them that he went off to a school for reffing. ("Man is protected from what lies beneath")

Ep40 (1)

Mario and Luigi hiding from the crazy fan

The Mario Brothers continue their search for Waluigi and Walgina. Coming to a playground, Mario notices a girl on a swing. Luigi realizes that the girl is an obsessed fan of theirs because she wears a "Let's Get Hammered" Mario T-shirt. A small argument breaks out between them and she approaches them. Then they run away from her and a chase begins. Sooner or later, the fan takes Mario and Luigi's hats. Incredibly stunned by this, Mario screams for 5 hours before Luigi suggests they get their hats back. ("Something Crazy This Way Comes")

Mario and Luigi run into UPS, who is carrying a large package with their hats inside, although they do not know it at the time. The brothers get directions to their fan's house. The next thing to happen is debatable as Mario appears on the Codec with Solid Snake to tell him that he had just been to Master Miller's house, but Mario and Luigi were supposedly on their way to the crazy fan's home. It can only be assumed they went to the wrong house first. ("Regeneration")

Hats Sold

Mario furious that the crazy fan sold he and Luigi's hats on eBay

The duo make it to the fan's house and discover that UPS was delivering their hats, as the fan had sold them on eBay. The duo decide to call Ash and ask him to bring the hats to them. He says that he will, but then he ends up blowing it off. Mario is doubtful, but Luigi has faith in him. After waiting at the fan's house, Mario asks for the buyer's username. When she tells them it is "igottacatchemall," Mario immediately knows that Ash unquestionably has their hats. Quickly, Mario and Luigi run to Ash's house, bust inside, and take their hats back. ("Blood Money")

Mario realizes that now that Wario has the saber activated, he is going to kill everyone, starting with the weakest of the gang. Luigi tells Mario that they need to find Walgina quickly and also questions why they spent so much time searching for their hats. Mario reminds his brother that without their hats, they wouldn't stand a chance against Wario. The red plumber believes that Walgina is probably dead and that they now need to find Wario without anyone's help before he starts killing them all. The duo begin to worry as they still haven't found Link. As they begin to fear that he might be dead, Mario and Luigi prepare to face Wario without help. Right on time, Waluigi appears to them and explains that he is the protector of the other Chosen One and tells them that Wario must be defeated in order for him to serve his purpose. He promises that he will prepare them for the upcoming battle with Wario. Waluigi prepares to give Mario and Luigi a year of training in only an hour. After intense training, the two brothers write letters. Mario writes his to Yoshi in apology. ("The Zero Hour")

"Come to die?"
Wario to the trio
Ep44 (1)

The trio battling Wario on the battlefield

Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi approach Wario at the Battlefield. Wario taunts them. Waluigi warns him to stop what he is doing, but Wario refuses. The trio draw their beam swords. The battle begins, and Wario begins taking them all on. Mario in particular coughs up the most blood as Wario focuses on hurting him the most, but also because of his half missing spirit. Eventually, the trio combine their efforts and overpower Wario. Waluigi confirms he is the Chosen One and doesn't ask him to explain himself. Wario joins their side. Mario and Luigi sit together on the swing later, commenting how they did not believe they would make it. They also complement Waluigi's new-found wisdom and are happy to have the old Wario back. ("Bloody Confrontations")

Mario goes to Merlin and asks him to reveal some things to him. Merlin explains that Mario has never been able to overpower Wario except for when he was under the Darkness' control, but Merlin assures him he has not yet reached his full potential the Darkness brought out, but with time, he will finally realize how strong he is. He leaves and tells Luigi that they will wait before preparing for battle. They meet up with Wario and Waluigi and put their beam swords together, prepared for the challenges ahead. ("The End of the Beginning")

The MovieEdit

Act OneEdit

Mario decides not to go after the Darkness yet, but instead wants to have fun (which was the original reason why he left the Mushroom Kingdom). So he, Luigi, Wario, and later, Waluigi decide to dance, which ends up being interrupted by the Dance Critic, who is still angry that they haven't learned dancing in her opinion. Mario, Luigi, and the others decide to go to the carnival which ends up being a failure due to the Ferris wheel not working and Wario's complaining on the lack of cotton candy.

Mario and Luigi then leave to go play Super Mario World. While on the way, they reunite with Yoshi and share a hug with him. Angry at Mario and Luigi for leaving him behind, Yoshi decides that Mario must carry him — which he does. Mario then later goes to take a nap. While Luigi is singing "You Toss Me Right Round" (a parody of "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)") to Daisy, Mario becomes furious at Luigi for stating he was a poser and thinks his girlfriend (Peach) isn't as hot as Daisy. Mario curses his brother out, which he doesn't listen to. Later, Mario plays a game of twister with Luigi, Wario, Brock, and Gary (which he ends up losing).

Mario gets yelled at by Luigi, who complains of him being lazy and not getting printer ink. The duo go to the Printer Shop, which takes them a long time to get ink due to the owner. On their way home, Mario and Luigi meet Bowser who demands a battle which never happens since Bowser was distracted by Ash. Later, Mario tries to teach Peach how to drive which ends up with both of them plus Luigi arrested and thrown in jail for 10 minutes since Ash got them out of there. Mario and Luigi ride their bikes after getting out of jail which ends up being a race between them and the Wario Brothers. In the end, Mario loses the race to Daisy.

Then Mario and Luigi tried to pitch their experience in jail as a video game idea, which ends up failing. Later, a plan double date fails for Mario as he and Peach break up. Mario then gets a back-up Walgina but it does not go anywhere. Mario later teams up with Luigi and Daisy to face off Wario, Walgina, and Yoshi in a football match which Mario and his team win at. After the game, Mario and Luigi go to a planned battle they have with Bowser and Kamek which once again gets interrupted by this time by the Lawnmower which gets destroyed by Julian. At the end of the day, Mario is asked by Luigi their plans for the next day, which Mario states that they have forgotten something important.

Act TwoEdit


Mario battling Bowser

Mario begins his first battle with Bowser in the Real World, which ends with Mario once again winning. After winning their battle, Mario orders the Koopa king to leave and never return, which he denies and leaves for their future battles (which never happens).

Mario asks Gary if he had seen Link, but he replies with just bragging about himself again. Fed up with Gary, Mario decides to leave.

The next day, Mario finds Link dying from his battle with the Darkness. Link tells Mario to stop it, which he replies yes. Link tells Mario that he'll see him in another life and dies, leaving the hero devastated and heartbroken. Later, Mario asks Solid Snake to find the Darkness, which Snake accepts and begins his search.

Mario tells Luigi and Ash about Link's death. He writes a letter (to Ness) secretly and gives it to Yoshi and gives him specific instructions, which he follows through. Mario and Luigi then talk about Link and how shocking and tragic his death was.

Actual picture

Mario put into a state of almost-death by the Darkness

Mario asks Luigi if he is okay for him being mad for many reasons including why he would battle Decious alone. He calms down and leaves Mario, who then meets Merlin with questions about his wisdom, which Merlin replies that is was necessary. Mario then leaves him and soon finds Luigi weaken from his battle with the Darkness, assuming that he has been killed cries over it. However, Luigi, now Mr. L, tells Mario that Luigi is gone. After being shocked over this, Mario is killed by the Darkness, being sent to the Afterlife with Link.

Mario SMB

Mario after achieving his maximum potential

Link tells Mario that he is still barely alive and gives him the Artifact, which Mario uses to return into the Real World and becomes Fire Mario. He then returns to Wario, Solid Snake, and Ness who are deciding who will fight and defeat Mr. L. Mario then wanted to fight Mr. L since he was the one who he was meant to defeat. Wario then asks him if Mario can't do this, he can take his place; but Mario refuses and leaves to fight Mr. L.


Fire Mario battling Mr. L

He arrives at Mr. L's location. Before they battle, Mario tries to get Luigi to fight back, but it doesn't work and begins his fight with Mr. L. After a long battle, Mario finally gets through Luigi and tells him to fight back which works and Luigi returns. Mario then aids Luigi back home.

Afterwards, Mario changes into his usual regular clothes. He later meets Luigi who they talk about their battle and they try to get back to normal which they agree on. Mario then goes on the swings where he meets Link now back from the dead. Link tells how he returned and why he is now leaving. Mario then says his goodbye to Link and watches him returning to Hyrule.

After Wario's battle with the Darkness, Mario, Luigi, and Wario talk about their future, which they decide to stay and try to have fun.

Operation Blind StormEdit

Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi play a game of New Super Mario Brothers Wii. Waluigi leaves for a "hair appointment," though he travels to Australia without word. Wario leaves also, so later on, Mario and Luigi plan a big Italian feast. They later sign a deal with Evil Dane to make him the new manager of Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms. This ends with Mario and Luigi recording a new song. The Mario Brothers meet up with Wario and the three go to the cave which they meet up with Solid Snake and Ness. Ness and Snake come to destroy the Beacon while Wario came to stop them. The beacon gets destroyed, and Mario loses his powers along with the others in the group.

Mario accepts the loss of his powers and decides to just have fun. He and Luigi get a letter from their landlord which demands them to move out of their home in 90 days. Mario crumples it up and stomps on it.

The Interactive AdventureEdit

Mario decides to eat some pasta. However, he falls asleep while beginning to eat it. Later on, Mario walks up by Luigi, who complains to him about not paying rent. Mario is shocked after learning that the bank could take all their stuffs. He then drowns in pity about the rent until Wario and Solid Snake show up with plans on helping Mario and Luigi. Mario gratefully agrees with Solid Snake's plan on splitting up and getting money. Later, Mario sleeps again when he awaken by the people watching. He gets angry after by insulted by the people watching him and decides to be a plumber to get the money.

Eddy's Gun

Mario taking Eddy's gun

After many failures, Mario finds a guy named Eddy who accepts his services. Later, while Mario prepares to plunge Eddy's toilet, he finds out the cops are outside. He decides to hide and plans his escape. He decides to fake his death in front of Eddy and his family which fails. Mario then wakes up in Eddy's car being hold as a hostile. He then grabs Eddy's gun and tries to get him money until Eddy explains his situation. Mario then gets told by Eddy

Mario and Eddy fighting over the gun

about a man named Big Vinny that has tons of money. Soon, Mario arrives at Vinny's base with a trench coat and two guns and begins to kill his guards. After that, Mario heads upstairs which he kills Vinny and takes his money.

Outside, Mario is surprised about how he just did what he did but quickly forgets about it. He meets up with Luigi, Wario and Snake at his house and discover they were successful in their mission of getting money. Snake then ask Mario about the possibility of their loss of powers coming back to haunt them. Mario then reassures him that he already read the Season 4 script that everything will be alright.

Season FourEdit

Mario Wakes Up

Mario awakening in a cold sweat after dreaming about his powers

Over a year after losing their powers, Mario has grown to accept the fact that the group is normal.

Later, Mario gets jealous at his ex-girlfriend Pauline's new relationship with Donkey Kong. He decides to impress her anyway he can. Wario and Luigi make plans to bowl, and Mario is upset they didn't invite him. Luigi tells him that he's too lazy and that Snake wanted to speak to him anyway.

Snake Mario Ep46

Solid Snake dragging Mario into the house to reveal his suspicions about Liquid being alive

After that, Mario visits Solid Snake to learn that he believes that Liquid is still alive. Snake runs to the bathroom, and Mario notices a box of chocolates nearby. Mario takes them and gives them to Pauline. Snake visits Mario and questions him about the chocolates. Donkey Kong bursts in and reveals that Pauline has died. It turns out the chocolates were poisoned by Blaire Vherestorm to kill Snake so that Liquid would join him. ("Death is Like A Box of Chocolates")

Brock and Gary come to Mario to ask why their pokeballs won't work. Mario tells them about the Beacon and they start to complain. When he suggests they be nice to each other, they both refuse. Later, Snake threatens to kill Mario if he doesn't provide him with the $10,000 he needs to replace the chocolates. After Snake leaves, Luigi and Wario come to Mario about getting their powers back. Mario reveals he is happy without them. To make money for the chocolates, Mario decides to go plumbing, but Luigi explains their plumbing licenses are expired. The two meet Tommy Vercetti. He explains he is a member of the Mafia. Since Mario and Luigi are two Italians in need of money, he invites them to join him. ("Poke-Drawls")


Mario and Luigi joining the Mafia

The two obey Tommy's orders for some time, but fear trouble. They hire Max Payne to deal with him. ("The Case Of The Stolen Junk") ("A Huge Payne")

Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms is sued for copyright by Warner Bros Music, Inc. So Mario and the rest of band struggle to write, make, and record an original music video. It works, but the band breaks up due to fame going over their heads. ("JMK FOREVER")

StMB Episode 53

Mario remembering who he is

Mario is attacked by the Trifecta. He gets amnesia and forgets everything about his life and becomes friends with a woman named Dawn. However, he later remembers everything and figures out he got attacked before getting amnesia. He leaves Dawn and returns home to the others where from there they plan to find a way to get back their powers to face the Trifecta. ("All Good Things...")

Waluigi returns everyone's powers at the cost of putting himself into a coma. Mario then ignores Snake to celebrate himself getting his powers back. ("The Great Purple Hope!")

Stupid Mario Brothers Episode 55

Ryu offering his services to Mario, Luigi, and their best friends

He and the others meet Ryu for the first time, who has taken Mario and the gang under his wing to train for the upcoming battles. ("Ninjas GALORE!")

Along with Luigi and Wario, Mario looks at Waluigi's coma-status body and wonders what would he do now while Mario and Wario decide to draw on his face. Later, Mario leaves for his battle with Blaire. ("What Would Waluigi Do?!")

Mario faces off with Blaire and they battle, which ends of him being knocked out and by solving Merlin's riddle, learns that the Darkness still lives. The Darkness lets Mario leave so he can confront Blaire. Mario watches in horror and confusion as Blaire and Darkness argue, which eventually results in Blaire's death. Not taking any chances, the hero in red hides while the Darkness searches for him. ("Plumbers and Ninjas and Snakes OH MY!")


Mario retelling the Darkness' explanation

The Darkness tells Mario everything about how he came back, the Trifecta's motives, how Blaire betrayed him, what Merlin said he was leaving, and the upcoming invasion. Mario then returns to Luigi and Snake and tells them what the Darkness said. Mario then decides not to tell others yet since they are tired from the last battle. Later, he gets threatened by Solid Snake about the money. ("The Darkness Explains It All")

Season FiveEdit

Mario Kills A Ninja

Mario battling the ninjas

Mario, Wario, and Mona battle some ninjas that are trying to ambush them. Mario uses his beam sword to take out the second wave. He then sees Nox Decious approaching and he tells Mario about Merlin's death. But the plumber doesn't believe him and battles him. The battle ends quick as Mario is grabbed from behind by the Ninjas. He is spared death by Decious as he states that Ganon wants to be the one to kill Mario. Mario then reassures Wario and Mona about Merlin and tells them that he sent Yoshi to follow Decious to locate Ganon's base. Mario then meets up with the others. Mario asks Solid Snake if he is okay, which he replies yes. Suddenly, he drops dead due to a heart attack, leaving Mario and the others in shock. ("Dark Dookie")

Mario then tells Luigi about Snake's revival at the hands of Dr. Naomi Hunter. Later on, he meets Ryu, who informs him about the ninjas defeat in the city. Mario then tells both of them about Donkey Kong getting the mail and they talk about their upcoming plans. Mario then departs to do something quickly. Along with Wario, Brock, Gary, and Mona, Mario is impressed with Ryu's. They consider him far superior to Solid Snake. Mario reassures the gang about them waiting about for Yoshi's return from Ganon's base. ("32 bit stealth training")

Mario receives a report from Yoshi and gives an inspirational speech on fighting and leads them to Ganon's base to battle. ("PIRATES VS NINJAS!")

Ganondorf VS Mario

Mario realizing how ineffective his Beam Sword is against Ganon

In the following battle, Mario's friends are all defeated. Mario prepares to face Ganon's entire army alone, when the Darkness appears to "clean up Mario's mess." Ganon knocks out Mario and battles the Darkness. The Darkness falls to the ground, but teleports away with Mario and his friends. ("Shadow Scum VS Ganon....Or Ganondorf...Whatever his name is!")

Mario begins to travel to Professor Oak's house with Brock and Gary. ("An Unexpected? Proposal")

Mario decides to drive, but they only get so far. Brock throws a nail out the window, and Mario runs over it. They are stranded since Brock didn't attach a spare, so they await Triple A. ("The Return Of The Great Purple Hope!")

Gary Brock and Mario at Oak's

Mario, Brock, and Gary coming to Professor Oak for help

Eventually, Mario, Brock, and Gary reach Professor Oak's house, only to learn that he didn't receive the flash drive since he thought that UPS was lying and shooed him. They explain the importance of the flash drive and Oak agrees to look at it if they can get the flash drive. He agrees to find UPS by checking fast-food chains. ("Operation: Vherestorm")

After finding UPS, Mario, Brock, and Gary show Professor Oak the flash drive and he simply answers their desperate question. He tells the trio that their last option is to travel to Hyrule and retrieve Link's Master Sword or find Link himself, considering that he is the only one who can defeat Ganon. ("A "Brief" Meeting")

Mario arrives at Hyrule with Brock and Gary. They begin their search for Link by deciding to ask people before hearing a neighing sound. ("Episode 70") They follow the sound of a horse to Lon Lon Ranch, where they meet Talon. Talon informs them that Link has been sealed in the Dark Realm for some time, but points the group in the direction of the Master Sword. ("Imported Sunflowers")

Master Sword

Mario, Brock, and Gary finding the Master Sword

Mario explores the Lost Woods with Brock and Gary to find the Master Sword. When the trio realizes they are unable to pull out the sword, Mario's troubles are relieved when Merlin speaks into his head. ("Not these Ninja's Again!")

Merlin states that the sword can only be wielded by Link since the sword will only accept him. Merlin decides to train Mario in wizardry, which he accepts. Mario orders Brock and Gary to return to the base and inform Luigi about Mario's situation. ("Fantasy Wizard Bullsh*t!")


Mario undergoing Merlin's training

In a few hours of training, Mario excels well beyond Merlin's expectations, being able to sense beings many kilometers away. (""As the Fanboy's say, Only Link can defeat Ganon"!") The red plumber continues his training beyond meditation, even showing the ability to speak to Luigi from far away, much to Merlin's shock. ("The Super Mario Brothers")

Once Merlin declares him ready, Mario prepares to draw forth the Master Sword, only to find out that he still can't because he only has half of a spirit. Mario is discouraged, until Merlin decides to merge his spirit with Mario's, ceasing to exist in the outside world, but remaining inside Mario. The Darkness, who has also died, does the same. Finally, Mario is spoken to by Link, who is prepared to give Mario his spirit to, confident that the next Link who is born will pick up where he left off.

Mario's spirit becoming whole

Mario receives Link, Merlin, and the Darkness' spirits and his spirit is full once more. He easily draws the sword from the stump and leaves to return to the Real World.

Mario battling Ganon

Mario confronts Ganon at his hideout, now wearing Merlin's vest and the Darkness' jacket and gloves. Ganon is unafraid, believing Mario to stand no chance against him, until Mario unsheathes Link's Master Sword. Ganon is surprised that Mario found the secret, but still believes that Mario can't beat him since Link, Merlin, and the Darkness all failed to do so. Mario, enraged when he finds out Ganon killed his ancestor, attacks him with the Sword. Ganon is able to telekinetically shove Mario away and the two engage in a fist fight on the ground. Mario overpowers Ganon and prepares to finish him, but he knocks Mario away and tries to pulverize him with a fist slam, but misses. Mario goes for Ganon's sword, but he pulls it to him. Mario dodges his resulting attack and tries to choke him telekinetically and Ganon does the same to him before knocking him to the ground and disarming him.


Mario killing Ganon

Ganon stands over Mario and prepares to kill him, only to be stabbed through the chest by the Master Sword. Mortally injured, Ganon falls to the ground, where Mario stabs him a second time, through "the heart that's not there". Ganon remarks on the poetic nature of this line before succumbing to his injuries and dying, finally ridding both worlds of his reign of evil once and for all.

Mario returns to the house, where he meets a relieved Luigi. With the war finally over, Luigi asks Mario what he wants to do now. Mario decides that their work here in the Real World is done, and that they should return to the Mushroom Kingdom.



Mario thanking the viewers for "giving him the best 5 years of his life"

After bidding farewell to all of their best friends, Mario and Luigi, now having their full-grown mustaches again, prepare to leave for the warp pipe back home. Mario states that they had a good run, but that "all good things must come to an end." Luigi wonders if Peach is waiting for them with a cake back in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario thinks that she is. Before leaving, Mario tells Luigi that he has one final thing to do and Luigi heads off to the forest to wait for him.

Mario turns around and faces the viewers. He says, "Thank you for giving me the best 5 years of my life." Closing with this final line, he runs up to Luigi and they travel towards the warp pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom while putting their arms around each other in a loving manner. Their work in this world was finally finished. ("The Super Mario Brothers")

Stupid Mario FootballEdit

Mario appeared in Stupid Mario Football.

That Stupid Video Game ShowEdit

In the second episode, Mario gets accepted into the Gamer Lounge alongside Luigi when he says that he killed 30,000 enemies in Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, only using a knife.

Mario reappears in the fourth episode as the host of Find Love and the contestant was Lara Croft.

In the fifth episode, he grows a beard, but no one likes it.

The Plumber Knight ReturnsEdit

It has been 20 years since the final battle in Stupid Mario Brothers and during that time, Luigi and Peach were killed by a mysterious figure known as the Koopa. This lead Mario into a deep depression and retired from his duties. He adapted the alias of Michael Camorelli and lived in Ferral City.

When the Koopa and the Goombas rise and plan to take over the city, Mario rises again to defeat them.

Character OverviewEdit

Mario's primary theme is responsibility. His original desire was to laze about and have no responsibilities in the Real World. However, he later discovers that Wario won't allow him to do so and hunts him down regularly in an attempt to bring him back. He also has Nox Decious to worry about, leading him to not only fulfill his responsibility and battle Decious, but also try to realign Wario. With Waluigi's help, Mario and Luigi bring Wario back to their side so he and Mario can fulfill their jobs as the Chosen Ones.

The Trifecta appears after the group loses their powers. Mario's new responsibility is to regain his powers and defeat the Trifecta. Also, the Darkness returns and reveals Ganon's plans, so Mario must then prepare to battle Ganon. He takes on the responsibility of drawing the Master Sword to finally kill Ganon. Responsibilities finally finished, he returns home to the Mushroom Kingdom with his brother.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mario is occasionally considered overweight, particularly by those he is unfriendly with. He has black hair and dark brown eyes and a round face.

Mario usually has on his red shirt and a pair of overalls, along with a red cap with an M in the center. He wears white gloves and a brown pair of boots.


At first, Mario is shown to be very lazy due to him outright refusing to cut short his vacation and go rescue Peach from King Bowser yet again. Instead, he prefers to do stuff for his vacation. Mario is also shown to a short temper and can be extremely sarcastic.

When facing Wario, Mario shows concern and wants his rival to realize that he is being used by King Bowser and not be a pawn in his plans. As the second season progresses, Mario becomes a warrior and a hero. He shows that he is much more serious and thoughtful than he lets on, realizing that the Real World is depending on him to save it. He becomes very protective of his best friends as he decides to face Nox Decious by himself. In Act 1 of The Movie, he returns to his old ways and begins having a little fun before the battle begins. He becomes a hero once again in Act 2 and shows fear when his friends begin to die. Mario shows confidence in his brother when he is taken over by Decious.

In Season Four, he is a bit of both his serious and humorous self, or as he puts it "seriously funny". Although he is usually "lazy as crap" (as Luigi puts it), he can be pretty clever. However, Mario is still incredibly lazy, but he can be a brave hero when he has to.

Mario has been shown to sleep in a lot as he considers 2:00 PM extremely early and is also said to have a 3:00 PM nap. However, he is very kind as he told Wario to come back to good in Season One and even goes on fights alone to keep his best friends safe.

Mario has a love for singing and dancing.
Stupid Mario Brothers Chocolate Rain Parody I have no mustache because I just shaved

Mario singing a parody of "Chocolate Rain"

In "Chocolate Rain Parody - Stupid Mario Brothers," he decides to record himself in the bathroom singing a parody of "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday. Unfortunately, Luigi suddenly interrupts by popping up and dancing to the music while humming. This infuriates Mario, who grabs Luigi by the overalls and screams at him that his song was going to be successful until Luigi ruined it and he calls him a "son of a Goomba" and storms off in a rage. However, after Luigi freezes in fear for a bit, he resumes singing and dancing to the music.
Stupid Mario Brothers Go Nintendo Style

Mario singing a parody of "Gangnam Style"

Then, in "Go Nintendo Style Music Video Parody," Mario sings a spoof of "Gangnam Style" by Psy, whilst wearing shades similar to the singer's. In this song, Mario, Luigi, and Wario all have their mustaches.

In The Plumber Knight Returns, Mario's personality has drastically changed. After losing both Luigi and Peach, he has become much more reserved and aggressive individual. During this time, he has also lost his Italian accent, and now speaks in an American accent instead.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Mario is one of two Chosen Ones, opposite Wario. He is undeniably powerful and has proven himself to be capable of more than he initially lets on. After using the Fire Flower to reach his full potential, he was confirmed to be stronger than both Wario and Nox Decious.

At the end of Season 2, after the Darkness took half of his spirit to gain physical form, Mario became far weaker than before in the remainder of the series until the finale.

Ep5 (4)

Mario creating a massive fireball

  • Fireballs: Mario, like Luigi and their alter-egos, can generate balls of fire from his hands. Mario's are a white color with a red glow. These fireballs can be expanded in size with extra effort, or fired off in rapid succession. He can also absorb fireballs launched by others and either cancel them out or convert them into fireballs of his own force.
  • Force: Mario is capable of generation an invisible "force" that can push things away. This has only been demonstrated in combat, however. He is also able to pull his saber towards himself.
  • Wizardry: Mario undergoes training with Merlin to learn basic wizardry so he can strengthen his spirit in hopes of removing the Master Sword from its pedestal.
  • Combat Prowess: Mario is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though arguably much more powerful when it comes to using his Beam Sword. Usually, his battles are instead finished by means of fireballs. According to Waluigi, he would have been able to take Wario one-on-one in episode 44 had the Darkness not taken part of his spirit.


Mario's Lightsaber

Mario's first Beam Sword

  • Beam Sword: Mario's first Beam Sword was shown off in his battle with Wario at the end of the first season. This Beam Sword was destroyed by Nox Decious, but he stole Wario's red Beam Sword while under the Darkness's influence and has used it since then.
  • House: Mario managed to buy a house in the real world to live in with Luigi. They tried to pay with gold coins for some time, but then managed to pay off their rent with help from Wario and Snake.
  • Several animals: Mario owns chickens, dogs, Yoshi and possibly other animals.



"I can't lose you, too! Not you... Brother!"
—Mario over Luigi's "body"

Mario and Luigi having a good laugh

Luigi is Mario's younger fraternal twin brother. He usually joins and accompanies Mario on his adventures (although Mario has been known to go on adventures by himself). Although the two have argued and expressed much anger at the other, they have always shared a brotherly love. Although Luigi has shown to be slightly jealous of Mario at times (as he admits in "A Tale of Two Brothers"), he loves his brother very much and looks up to him as a positive role model. For his part, Mario seems to allow his sibling rivalry to get the best of him when competing directly with Luigi. Their brotherly relationship was tested when Mario fought Luigi as Mr. L; after the fight, Luigi asks Mario how he was able to fight him when he knew he may have to kill him; Mario responds, "I think I always knew I wouldn't have to."


"I wish things could have been different between us. There was never a need for us to be enemies."
—Wario, when he believed Mario was killed by The Darkness.
Ep1 (4)

Wario, Mario and Luigi having a discussion

Mario and Wario have been rivals and enemies for a long time. Wario was jealous of Mario and desired to kill him. At one point, he told Waluigi he was through with him and was no longer his friend, blaming him for his failures at killing Mario. Wario's desire for power was quenched when he attained the Nether Saber, which he then attempted to use to kill Mario. Merlin turned off the saber before he could.

Mario and Wario shared something in common, however. They were the Chosen Ones. Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi managed to overpower Wario and convince him to join their side. Wario then began to redeem himself, and the pair became friends. Wario was visibly upset when he believed Mario was killed, and he later talked down on the Darkness by telling it that it was never be any more than Mario's shadow.


Ep43 (1)

Waluigi hugging Mario and Luigi

Mario and Waluigi were enemies when they first met. Waluigi was working with Wario at the time and shared his goal of taking Mario and his brother Luigi back to the Mushroom Kingdom as per Bowser's orders. The two continue to be enemies until "Two Tall Thin Men have a Fight!", where Waluigi proclaims that he no longer works with Wario and no longer has any business with Mario or Luigi. Later the two became allies and friends in The Zero Hour where Waluigi returned to train Mario and Luigi in their fight with an evil Wario.



Mario giving Yoshi a piggyback ride to make up for leaving him behind

Yoshi had been Mario's pet dinosaur for a long period of time, and have been on good terms. However, this changes after Mario and Luigi leave for the Mushroom Kingdom, in which they chain Yoshi to a fence next to several ravenous Goombas. He later came to the Real World, where he was still mad at Mario. Despite getting even by Mario letting Yoshi ride on his back, however, Yoshi is still mad at him, as evidenced by their football match some time afterward, but they make up after.

Donkey KongEdit

Stupid Mario Brothers Donkey Kong About to Kill Mario and Luigi

Donkey Kong about to kill Mario and Luigi

Before the start of the series, Mario and Donkey Kong were enemies, as the ape had kidnapped Mario's girlfriend at the time, Pauline. However, after she was saved, the two made up. After having his bananas stolen by Wario and Waluigi in "A Monkey for your Thoughts?", he is convinced by a letter from Diddy that it was the Mario brothers, and he chases them around; after he learns of the real thieves, DK apologizes for his actions, but Mario declines. The two have been shown to be friends since.

After Mario unintentionally kills Pauline in "Death is Like A Box of Chocolates," the pair's friendship declines. However, in "The Darkness Explains It All," Mario apologizes for having killed her, and the two make up.


The Abandon Shed

Mario meeting with Merlin at the Abandoned Shed

Merlin is Mario's grandfather. Merlin acts as a mentor to Mario and tries to help him succeed. Mario has shouted at Merlin in frustration at times, but others has come to him in need of answers. Merlin has a great deal of faith in Mario's abilities.

Nox DeciousEdit

Mario Vs Decious

Decious battling Mario

Nox Decious is the great uncle of Mario's. Mario once battled him alone. While he was nearly killed, Wario stabbed Nox Decious with the Nether Saber.

Later, Nox Decious possessed Luigi and became "Mr L." Mario had used the Fire Flower to achieve his maximum potential. He finally defeated Nox Decious on his own, returning Luigi to reality.



Bowser battling Mario

Bowser is Mario's primary arch-nemesis. He constantly kidnaps Princess Peach and takes her back to his castle, setting up a system of levels for Mario to traverse before he can reach her. However, after Mario leaves the Mushroom Kingdom for the Real World, Bowser sends Wario (and soon after, Waluigi) to take him back.

After several failures from Wario and Waluigi, King Bowser personally head to the Real World, Kamek giving him a human form, to fight Mario and Luigi and take them back himself in Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie. However, when the two are finally able to fight, Mario is victorious.

After joining Ganon's Legion of Villains, Mario and King Bowser encounter each other once, before Mario and Ganon's allies fight each other the first time, but don't interact at all throughout the entirety of Season Five.

One of the series' early running gags involved Bowser sending the Mario brothers letters asking them to return. Upon reading the letters, Mario and Luigi became very annoyed.

Blaire VherestormEdit

Blaire was an enemy for Mario in Season Four where Blaire was hired to make Mario and his friends get their powers back by the Darkness and was leave at that point on. However, he decided to take them on after they got their powers back. He easily took out Mario with ease and was prepared to kill him till the Darkness returned and finished Blaire off with Mario watching. While he did return from the dead by Ganon so he can exact his revenge though he was more focused on Solid Snake, then Mario.



Mario killed Ganon

Ganondorf was a major enemy for Mario during Season Five. He not only lead an army to conquer the Real World, but also killed Merlin (which he reveals in the finale), as well as locking Link in the Dark Realm.


Stupid Mario Brothers Peach Yelling at Mario

Peach yelling at Mario for not saving her from Bowser

Mario and Peach were a couple for a long time. Their relationship mostly consisted of Mario rescuing her from King Bowser, until he left to go on vacation in the Real World. However, after being kidnapped by Bowser, but not having Mario rescue her, Peach later shipped herself to the Real World through UPS to tell Mario off for not rescuing her, resulting in their first argument. Later, they team up to try and defeat Nox Decious, but argue while finding the Nether Cross. However, they make up afterwards.

After defeating Decious, the two do not interact as much as Peach gets a job at Carl's Jr. and Mario is trying to defeat Wario.

Later on, Mario agrees to give her driving lessons, though they argue the entire time. Some time afterward, they are arguing over the phone after Peach is late to a picnic with Luigi and Daisy, ending with them breaking up. However, after killing Ganon, Luigi asks Mario if Peach might have a cake for them to celebrate their return to the Mushroom Kingdom; Mario believes she will, meaning that he hopes for them to still be on good terms.


Pauline: "Because of you, I had to suffer a horrific death!"
Mario: "That was an accident!"
Pauline: "Accident, my ass! You're the worst ex-boyfriend ever!"
— Mario and Pauline after she is revealed to be a member of the Legion of Villains[src]
Mario and Pauline

Mario giving Pauline the FOXDIE chocolates

Before Stupid Mario Brothers, Mario and Pauline dated. When she was kidnapped by Donkey Kong, Mario saved her, but later dumped her in favor of Princess Peach.

In "Death is Like A Box of Chocolates," Mario is shocked to see that she is dating Donkey Kong. Having broken up with Peach, he tries to win her back by giving her chocolates he took from Solid Snake. However, these turn out to be his FOXDIE chocolates, which kill her.

Pauline is later resurrected by Ganon, joining the Legion of Villains out of hatred for Mario for killing her. When the two encounter each other before the two forces battle, Mario states that her death was accidental, but she doesn't believe him. Since then, the two never make up after she returns to marry Donkey Kong.


Mona was a friend and ally to Mario during the Great War. While the two don't talk as much, the two respect each other as Mona believed in Mario when Pauline accused him of killing her on purpose.

Solid SnakeEdit

Solid snake demanding Mario money

Soild Snake demanding the money from Mario

For most of the series, Mario and Snake got along with each other. However, after Mario accidentally kills Pauline with his FOXDIE chocolates, Snake was angered with Mario, as he needed the chocolates to prevent himself from hyper-aging and dying, and ever since Mario owed him $10,000. Snake demanding the money from Mario later became a minor running gag in the series.

Naomi HunterEdit

Naomi Hunter was an ally to Mario when Mario needed her to bring back Snake from the dead. It worked and she remained an ally for the rest of the war.


"Nobody likes you, Ash!"
—Mario to Ash in "Why catch them All?"
Meeting Ash

Mario and Luigi meeting Ash

Ash was an ally and a bother to Mario during his time in the Real World. Despite the two not always getting along, Ash tried to assist Mario during major events or battles whenever he was needed. Ash mostly was a bother in Mario's life since he usually annoyed everyone around, Mario the most which ends in everyone telling Ash to shut up. Eventually Ash returned back to Kanto though Mario still think of him not as a friend.


Brock was an ally, friend, and, like Ash, a nuisance to Mario.


Gary was an ally and another nuisance to Mario.


Ness was a friend to Mario. The two were good friends throughout their time spend together. However, at some point, Mario and Ness bothered each other.


Obnoxious gaming

Mario and Link fighting

Mario and Link are very good friends and both get along pretty well.

When Link had died, Mario was extremely devastated by this. However, when Link was resurrected, Mario became jubilant.



  • Mario has the most appearances out of any character in the series.
  • In YouTube News - Mario and Wario For President, Mario ran for president of the Mushroom Kingdom against Wario, with Luigi as his vice president, saying that he would reduce the number of times Bowser took over and there was no point in going to war with Hyrule anyway. Ironically, they both lost to Ash, who didn't even run for president at all.
  • In every season finale, Mario has been in danger of being killed and is saved by another character.
    • Season One: Mario is saved by Peach when Wario nearly kills him.
    • Season Two: Wario eliminates Nox Decious with the Nether Saber before he can kill Mario, although only so he can kill the hero himself.
    • Season Three: Mario was arguably saved by Waluigi from Wario, as he would've likely died in the battle against Wario without his help.
    • The Movie: Though Mario weakened Mr. L, Luigi killed Decious in order to regain control of himself; therefore, Luigi saved Mario because Mario could never kill his brother, possessed or not.
    • Season Four: Blaire is killed by the Darkness before he can kill Mario.
    • Season Five: Mario finally manages to kill Ganon at the end of the series, but Link, Merlin, and the Darkness merge their spirits with his so he can do this.
  • Mario has been known to break the fourth wall several times.
  • In The Interactive Adventure, Mario states that he defeated the Darkness, even though it was Wario who did so.
  • Despite "Tired of the Mushroom Kingdom" being Mario's first canonical appearance, in this series, Rich Alvarez uploaded a non-canon video named "Stupid Mario VS Hillary Clinton," featuring Mario before Alvarez uploaded the first episode of Stupid Mario Brothers.
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