Tommy Vercetti
Leader: Tommy Vercetti
Members: Mario (formerly)
Luigi (formerly)
Random Bum
Various mobsters
Status: Disbanded
Tommy Vercetti: "Hello. My name is Tommy Vercetti. I'm from the Mothers and Fathers Italian Association."
Mario: "The what?"
Tommy Vercetti: "The Mafia."
— Tommy introducing himself to Mario

The Mothers And Fathers Italian Association, also known as the Mafia, is an infamous group of mobsters that deal in many things.


Noticing that he is Italian and low on money, Tommy Vercetti asks Mario to join the Mafia and he accepts due to his $10,000 debt to Solid Snake. ("Poke-Drawls")

Mario and Luigi (whom Mario convinced to join with him) start to steal objects like Pokéballs, Ness' bat, and Donkey Kong's bananas at Tommy's request to trade in for money. However, upon returning to the Mafia with a car, they require the brothers to kill Snake because of his interference with the Mafia's plans. In response to this, Mario and Luigi hire Max Payne to kill Tommy. ("The Case Of The Stolen Junk")

The trio head to the Mafia's headquarters and Max successfully raids and shoots down all the mobsters guarding the interior. With only Tommy left, he tries to strike a deal with Max, but fails when he is shot. ("A Huge Payne") With Tommy dead at that point, the Mafia no longer functions as a group.



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