Luigi's Beam Sword
Luigi's Lightsaber


Nox Decious / Mr. L

First Appearance

"Stupid Smash Brothers"

Luigi's Beam Sword is a beam sword that has a green glow with a white core.


Season TwoEdit

In "Two Tall Thin Men have a Fight!", Luigi uses his beam sword to battle Waluigi.

The MovieEdit

In "Act II Part 3" of the film, Luigi uses his beam sword again to battle the Darkness after he tried to kill Solid Snake.

Dark Emerald

Mr. L wielding the Dark Emerald Blade

In "Act II Part 4," Luigi, whose body was taken over by Nox Decious and became Mr. L, used his beam sword to battle Mario, but his beam sword changed. Luigi's beam sword then had a black core, green glow, and was called the Dark Emerald Blade. Once Luigi fought back and went back to normal, the beam sword became good again.

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