Lost Woods
Located: Half a day walk from Lon Lon Ranch
First Appearance: Episode 72

The Lost Woods are a mysterious, forested region of Hyrule. It is typically a maze-like forest that requires one to navigate one's way through it by a variety of means.



In the Darkness lies the Truth.

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The Lost Woods is located in the northwestern section of Hyrule, directly north of Kakariko Village. The forest is mist-drenched and broken up by ridges of impassable ground. Fallen hollow tree trunks litter the forest, providing the only way through the terrain.

In the northern reaches of the forest, a glade filled with animals holds the Master Sword. However, there are several fake swords scattered throughout the forest. Removing the Master Sword from its pedestal causes the mist to flee, but even then, the forest is thick enough that it remains full of shadows.

The dark shadows of the trees are also good growing conditions for fungi, including the Mushroom.

Season FiveEdit

Mario, Brock, and Gary venture to the Lost Woods to search for the Master Sword after receiving information from Talon about its whereabouts.

After wandering aimlessly for some time, the group follows the sound of music and locates the Sword, embedded in a tree stump. However, none of them are able to remove it.


  • In Stupid Mario Brothers, aspects of the Lost Woods are taken from both The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; in that the Master Sword is located there, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; in that Mario had to follow the sound of music to navigate through it.
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