Lon Lon Ranch is a location in the Legend of Zelda series. Lon Lon Ranch is a cattle ranch in Hyrule owned by Talon. His daughter, Malon also lives and works together with her father.


In the Darkness lies the Truth.

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Lon Lon Ranch is located at the center of Hyrule Field. Talon and his daughter Malon run the ranch, and Ingo works there. They raise horses, cows and cuccos. After Link wakes up Talon, who has fallen asleep on a milk delivery run to Hyrule Castle, he can learn "Epona's Song" from Malon. Link can also obtain a bottle filled with Lon Lon Milk if he is able to find the three Super Cuccos in Talon's Super Cucco-findin' Game, as well as a Piece of Heart found inside a stone building.

When Link returns to Lon Lon Ranch as an adult, he finds that Ingo has been given the ranch by Ganondorf, it has been renamed "Ingo Ranch", and that Talon has moved to Kakariko Village after being kicked out. With the help of Epona, however, Link outraces Ingo in a horse race. The frustrated Ingo bets Link that he cannot be beaten again, and puts Epona in as his bet. After losing once more, Ingo locks Link in the ranch, preventing him from leaving with his prize. Trapped, Link and Epona proceed to jump over the ranch's outer fence, leaving Lon Lon Ranch behind and changing Ingo's evil ways. Ingo seemingly returns to normal after this, and Talon moves back to the ranch. At the end of the game, the citizens of all races of Hyrule come to the ranch to celebrate the defeat of Ganondorf.

Season FiveEdit

Mario, Brock, and Gary come across Lon Lon Ranch upon arriving in Hyrule. They find Talon there, fast asleep. After waking him up, Talon welcomes the group to the Ranch and is able to point them in the right direction towards The Lost Woods . He then offers them some Lon Lon Milk, which they turn down and then leave.Talon bids them farewell then falls back asleep.

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