Link's Equiptment

Link wielding his sword and shield

Link's Equipment are the various items and weapons that Link uses throughout Stupid Mario Brothers. Some of his equipment like his Sword and Shield have been seen more than his Compass and Fishing Pole.

The Master SwordEdit

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Link's Sword

Link's sword is honorably displayed in the Clearing

The Master Sword, also known as the Blade of Evil's Bane, is Link's primary weapon. Whenever he goes anywhere, he always takes his sword and shield, which is usually in its sheath.

The sword and shield were first unsheathed in "And then there was Nox Decious" and wasn't seen again until "Like Hyrule, but not" (it wasn't used for that long due to an accident on set). Link uses this sword to deliver the final blow to Steven Bauer in the episode "Blood Money." In his battle with the Darkness, the Master Sword briefly holds its ground against the Black Widow Blade.

In Season Five, Professor Oak sends Mario, Brock, and Gary on a journey to Hyrule to find the Master Sword, which is the only weapon that can kill Ganon. After Link was sealed in the Dark Realm (according to Talon), the Master Sword resurfaced in the Lost Woods. Later on, Mario, Brock, and Gary locate the Sword, embedded in a tree stump, but none of them are able to remove it. Merlin then speaks to Mario and informs him that the Master Sword is still resonating with Link's spirit and decides to train him in wizardry to strengthen Mario's spirit in hopes that the Sword will forget Link's. Although Mario finishes his training, it isn't enough and as a result, Link, Merlin, and the Darkness merge their spirits with Mario so he can wield the sword. This works and Mario is able to kill Ganon with the sword, thus saving the day.

It is unknown what happened to the sword afterwards, though it can be presumed that Mario returned it to the Lost Woods.

Link's ShieldEdit

Link's Shield

Link's Shield lying in the Clearing

Link's Shield is the Hylian shield that Link carries wherever he goes. It is capable of blocking attacks from Beam Swords.

Link's CompassEdit

Link's Compass is only mentioned in Episode 36. When Link talks to his Coconut, he mentions that his Compass broke.

Link's Fishing Pole and NetEdit

Ep23 (3)

Link fishing with his pole

Link's Fishing Pole is seen when Link goes fishing in "How it's done in Hyrule!". He uses it and his net to fish a Shoe out of Bob and Joe's Pool.

Link's Bunny EarsEdit


Link with his Bunny Ears

Link's Bunny Ears are the bunny ears that Link uses to get away from Bob and Joe in "How it's done in Hyrule!". It is unknown if he ever retrieved them when he dropped them.

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