Legion of Villains
Leader: Ganondorf
Members: Bowser
Nox Decious
Scott Masterson
Tommy Vercetti
Blaire Vherestorm
FedEx ?
Pauline (formerly)
Status: Disbanded
The Darkness: "Oh, goodie! Now it's just you and me. And Bowser and Decious and... that guy and that brat and that bitch."
Pauline: "Hey!"
The Darkness: "Sorry- wench."
— The Darkness to Ganondorf when facing the Legion of Villains

The Legion of Villains is a grand army, formed by Ganon and consisting of Bowser, Nox Decious, KamekZubashi, Gangles, and an army of ninjas. Deceased members include Scott Masterson, Tommy Vercetti, and Blaire Vherestorm. Pauline was once a member of the group, but she departed without dismissal. FedEx was sent to stop UPS from delivering a Flash Drive to Professor Oak, but was knocked unconscious by UPS and it is unknown if he is alive or dead.

With Ganon and Decious' deaths and Bowser and the ninja army's defeats, the Legion was disbanded.


In "Poke-Suckers!", Ganon warned Mario and Luigi in a letter that he would soon come into the Real World with an army of darkness to take over. However, he wasn't taken seriously.

In "The Darkness Explains It All," the Darkness revealed that Ganon was in fact coming with an army and that it was Ganon who sent the ninjas and resurrected Nox Decious to kill the Darkness.


The goal of the army is to kill the Darkness, take down the Mushroom Force, and take over the Real World by merging it with the Dark Realm.


  • In "PIRATES VS NINJAS!", when Mario and his allies approach the army, only Scott and Pauline can be seen. This is because the rest of the army members present (with the exception of Blaire as he was revealed to be portraying the camera in the bloopers) were played by one of Mario's best friends also.
  • Rich Alvarez asked the fans what kind of villains they wanted in this group. However, not one was included in the group.
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