Killer Tie
Also Known As: Flying Tie
Gender: Genderless
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Bob (formerly)
Joe (formerly)
Enemies: Mario
Debut: Real Jobs Suck
Conclusion: Act 1 Part 3
Status: Unknown

A killer tie, also known as a flying tie, is a tie that kills someone if the person hits them with it or throws it at them.

However, Link had survived his beating from the tie. Bob and Joe have also and probably the other members of RMA Games as well.


Season OneEdit

Phillip Killer Ties

Phillip after getting killed by Bob with his killer tie

Bob first uses the killer tie in "Real Jobs Suck" during his rant against Mario and Luigi and ends up killing Phillip.

Season TwoEdit

In "How it's done in Hyrule!", Link ends up crossing paths with Bob and Joe in their house and they end up attacking him. However, Link survives the blows and doesn't die.

The MovieEdit

Later, Mario and Luigi try to give a game idea based on their time in prison (which was only 10 minutes) in "Act I Part 3." In doing so, the same results occur, but Bob ends up killing everyone (including himself).


In the bloopers, Bob stands by Phillip, telling the audience that RMA Productions aren't responsible for any flying ties that may kill their children.

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