Kanto is a large region in the world of Pokémon, bordering the Johto region. Ash, Brock, Gary, and Professor Oak hail from there.

The region consists mostly of large grasslands and fields. Over 150 different species of Pokémon have been recorded living there.

Use in Stupid Mario BrothersEdit

Kanto has never been visited or shown onscreen, only passing references have been made.

In "Link's Letter is full of Holes!", Mario, Luigi, and their best friends try to travel to the region to find a warp pipe to the land of Hyrule in order to rescue Link. Like the others, the pipe was blocked by an unknown force on the other side, trapping the group in the Real World. After the threat of Nox Decious is dealt with, the portals open up again, allowing the entry of Professor Oak and his grandson Gary.


  • In "Why catch them All?", Ash tells Mario and Luigi he comes from Kanto City. This statement is erroneous as the city doesn't exist nor does Ash hail from it.
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