Gender: Male
Series: The Plumber Knight Returns
Home World: Ferral City
Allies: The Darkness(Formerly)
Enemies: Mario
Debut: The Plumber Knight Returns (Episode 5)
Status: Deceased
Portrayer: Edward Gyles, Jr.

Jeckle was the secondary antagonist in the first season of The Plumber Knight Returns and remained the secondary antagonist of season 2. He was one of the Koopa's henchmen before his abandonment, in which he becomes the next Goomba leader until his death at the hands of the Blue Hood.


Not much is known about Jeckle's past, other than he was hired by the Koopa. At a young age, he was very violent, short-tempered, and greedy. When he was young he found a mouse, next morning, his mother woke up with the mouse burned in her mouth. He killed his parents long ago and ran from home. He was found by the Koopa, who injected him with the DNA of a dozen heroes.


Jeckle was a very tall, muscular-built person and always wore a mask like all the other goombas. He often wore a leather jacket and a large chain around his neck, He also wears a pair of jeans. Jeckle's real appearance is unknown as he was only seen wearing a mask all the time.

Jeckle was the strongest goomba.

His appearance was described to be very intimidating to Mario and his fellow goombas.


Jeckle's personality was depraved, taking pleasure from inflicting pain upon anyone that came in his way. His tall and strong build made him become quite confident in himself that he was never scared while fighting someone like Mario. He was very proud of his abilities saying nobody matches his strength, at least up until the blue hood came to kill him, he openly admitted blue hood was more powerful than he was. He also had a great love for composer music particularly Wolfgang Armedious Mozart who he called the greatest composer of all time, and was very sensitive about it being interrupted.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Jeckle was infused with the DNA of a dozen heroes, this DNA gave him immense raw power and durability, and he had gained incredible fighting skills.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Jeckle most used ability was his fighting skills, which were unbelievably strong enough to knock Mario back and defeat him. He was fast enough block Ness's quick bat and psychic abilities, along with hearing Clause behind him and disarm and kill him before he could shoot him.

Invulnerability: Jeckle was tough enough to survive gunshots and wasn't physically hurt from Mario's punches or fireballs.


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