Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Extra, Episode of Halloween Special
Air date October 31, 2008
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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"Ash and Brock 2"
"This episode really sucks! It's as if the writer couldn't think of any Halloween related, so he just started writing whatever crap came to mind!"
—Mario states his opinion of the episode.

"Halloween" is an episode of Stupid Mario Brothers, dedicated to the Halloween of 2008. It was released on October 31 of that year.


Stupid Mario, Ash And Brock try to have fun on Halloween.


On Halloween night, Mario, Ash, and Brock try to tell scary stories, but repeated arguments break out between the three. Eventually, Mario becomes distraught at the episode's poor writing. Ash and Brock agree with his opinions and decide to go to Luigi's party.


Mario, Ash, and Brock decide to hang out with each other on Halloween night, before Luigi's big Halloween party. Mario decides he wants to hear some scary stories. Brock says he is great at telling scary stories, but Ash says he isn't good at it. The two argue about the time he told a scary story at Gary's house, and whether or not it was good.

The group talks about Luigi's party and wonders if it will rain soon or not. But Mario wants to hear a scary story, Brock tries to tell a story, but Ash cuts him off, saying they heard it at Gary's house awhile back. Brock and Ash soon start to argue again, and Mario tries to calm them down. However, this only gets Brock mad at Mario, and soon the trio ends up into a giant argument. Mario comments this is the worst episode ever, believing the writer couldn't get any ideas so he wrote what came up in his head.

The scene cuts to Rich Alvarez depressed with no ideas putting his head on the desk as Austin Stevenson appears behind him in a closet. Mario realizes he'll never get to hear a scary story, and cries. But Ash and Brock cheer him up, and the trio decide to go to Luigi's party and start a bonfire.

After the episode, Alvarez and Dane Cook appear apologizing for how bad the episode is and doing a PSA about being safe on Halloween and referencing the 2008 Melamine milk powder scare.





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  • Along with many others, this video was privatized during RMA Productions' 2010 "video purge". As of February 25, 2012, the video has been made public again.
  • Brock's shirt is noticeably a different color rather than its usual green.
  • The PSA at the end references the 2008 Melamine milk powder scare.


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