Genome Soldier
Gender: Male
Series: Metal Gear
Home World: Real World
Allies: Liquid Snake
Enemies: Solid Snake
Debut: The End of the Beginning
Status: Deceased
Portrayer: Christopher Anthony Muller
Otacon: "Have you tried holding one for questioning?"
Snake: "Yeah, and he died after ten days of refusing food and not saying a damn thing."
Otacon: "They're determined."
Snake and Otacon discuss them in "Act II Part 1"

Genome Soldiers are Liquid Snake's genetically modified henchmen.

Following Liquid's second "death" in Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie, they haven't been seen in the series since.


Season ThreeEdit

After battling in close-quarters combat, Solid Snake easily kills one by snapping its neck. Bored with there current situation, Snake questions with Otacon about the Genome Soldiers' recent resurgence, having killed several already. Snake wonders why they are still after him, seeing as Liquid already had died. Otacon suggests they may be following his last commands. ("The End of the Beginning")

Stupid Mario Brothers: The MovieEdit

Genome Soldiers regularly continue appearing, though they aren't actually seen.

While meeting up with Otacon, Solid Snake mentions he killed two just on his way there. Picking up on their discussing from last time, Snake once again asks why they could be resuming their work. Otacon brings up his theory again, adding that they may be retaliating at the death of their leader, though Snake replies they wouldn't act on such terms. ("Act II Part 1")


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