Gary's house
Gary's House
Located: Real World
Residents: Gary Oak
First Appearance: Ash and Brock 2

Gary's House is the residence of Gary Oak.


Ash and Brock 2Edit

Gary's "Super, Awesome, Rad House"Edit

Gary invites Ash and Brock over to his house just to brag about how awesome he thinks it (as well as everything inside it) is.

Gary lets them in and shows them a Victorian piano, a mirror, a toaster, stalls, and a TV, which he thinks are all awesome. However, none of this amuses Ash and Brock. Then Brock and Gary tell stories on Gary's "awesome" couch and afterwards, they go and watch Gary's favorite film Kill Bill. Ash and Brock and think the film is bad and decide to leave, but Gary stops them and shows them his swimming pool. Ash and Brock end up pushing him into it and leave him in his pool alone.


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