Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Mario
Enemies: FedEx
Debut: Christmas
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Douglas Orofino
"They think that every UPS man needs a little stupid intern with a tie to help them out! I got news for you, Francis: I DON'T NEED YOU!"
—UPS to Francis in "Stupid Mario Brothers Christmas"

Francis is an intern that is hired by the UPS corporation to work with UPS.


In the big holiday rush of Christmas, the UPS corporation sends a new rookie intern named Francis to help UPS handle the massive amounts of incoming and outgoing packages. Despite what negative feelings that UPS has towards Francis, he allows him to handle a few packages, two of which are Mario and Luigi's Christmas gifts. Yet as luck would have it, Francis sends these packages to the wrong address, all the way in Toronto, Canada.

When confronted with the possibility of being fired, Francis pulls himself together and heads to Canada to retrieve the Mario Brother's packages. At first, he tries to kindly persuade the Canadian to give him the packages, but then resorts to just grabbing them and making a run for it.

Francis races all the way back to Mario's house to give Mario and Luigi their Christmas presents. Before heading back for UPS, Francis tries wishing the two several season's greetings. As Mario and Luigi sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," Francis joins in to make a trio. ("Christmas")

Physical DescriptionEdit

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Francis is portrayed as a clumsy, absent-minded intern who is trying to follow in the successful footsteps of his manager UPS. Due to a lack of confidence or unsureness, Francis always speaks in bumbling and broken interjections when trying to say what he needs to say. Francis is always sure to observe the many greetings of the holidays for all UPS customers.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

  • Super Speed: Francis manages to run all the way from California to Canada in one night. And then back to California again.



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  • Doug was chosen to play Francis because he was visiting from college during his Christmas break.
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