Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Extra, Episode Extra
Air date June 29, 2009
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"Stupid Mario Brothers FAQ 2"


EVEN MORE questions are answered.


The cast answers even more questions about the show.

Questions Answered (See Video For Answers)Edit

TetraTalon: Do you plan on making any more seasons after the movie is completed?

Nintendo-Addict: Why is Dane so wacky?

Mr.PBJ: So I heard you like South Park. Which is your favorite character?

AdminAdam: What is your favorite villain in the series?

Captain1986: What's your favorite Mario game?

FoxEater: Does Matt really like The Golden Compass?

Adammicdaddy: Why do the good die young?

Jade: When you make it to Hollywood, what movie would you like to direct?

Purple Potato Chip: Has Chris gotten all 90 Jiggies in Banjo-Tooie before?

NethaEmerald: How do you get ready in the morning?

Relzer: A lot of people say that this (show) should be called Stupid Smash Brothers. What do you have to say about this?

ChrisMullerFan555888: What kind of videos can we look forward to when SMB is over?

MarioandLuigi: In Episode 15 and 16, the person reading the letter (for Link) sounds different to me. Did two different people voice that line, or am I just insane?

Mariobrosfan1990: Who are your favorite actors/directors?

The Swampfox: What are your future plans for your life?

Goombowser: What made you want to do another Youtube series (YouTube News) when SMB is going strong by itself?


Production NotesEdit

Series ContinuityEdit

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Character RevelationsEdit

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  • It is revealed that Link was originally meant to be portrayed by a different actor, but was replaced by Kent Melville when the actor was unable to play the role.


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