Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Extra, Episode Extra
Air date November 22nd, 2008
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Richard Alvarez and Chris Muller answer more questions about the show

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Chasec123: "How did you think of Nox Decious and why did you decide to bring him into SMB?"

Hiimjenki2: "Do you think Nintendo likes your show?"

Scol001: "How do you decide which bloopers make the blooper reel?"

MarioKartist: "What are your favorite video games?"

WiiRevolution1: "What is better a mango or a mango?"

WiiMaster64: "Is Rich's house the one on the farm?"

NarutoYoshi131: "Do you think Dane is up to something....bad?"

MarioKartist: "Do you plan on making anymore Monster Mower videos?"

Hiimjenki2: "Do you find it annoying that people have been asking lots of spoiler questions?"

Ethyn408: "Do you ever sleep?"

Petar.Georgiev: "Is Johnny Cyclops british?"

Dangoss: "Will you always repeat the questions you are about to respond to in that strange voice?"

MikeNike90: "Is Ash ever gonna catch 'em all?"

Hiimjenki2: "Is Brock's hair a wig or is it real?"

Amphungus: "Will California fall into the ocean anytime soon?"

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